May 2022

WP Tag Machine 2.0

WP TagMachine 2.0 Review

WP TagMachine 2.0 Review – Add SEO Magic to Your Site in 1-Click


The struggle is real.

Marketers are facing one of the most complicated demands day by day when running their online businesses, and that is ranking their websites on Google. Others would say it is pretty easy as ABC; they just have to create good content, images, and videos. But when they get into the whole process, they will realize that it takes a lot of time.

Other than that, having good content, images, or videos doesn’t mean they would get a high ranking on Google right of the bat. You got that right! It is not very simple indeed.

So, what did they miss?

Most marketers tend to miss the important role of WordPress tags. Who would pay attention to tags anyway? Most of us would only put in a tag to find posts that will catch our attention. But little do we know that tags help boost our website’s ranking.

Yes! That’s right.

All you need to do is to create relevant tags for each post on your WordPress sites. And this is the right software that can help you…

Introducing WP Tag Machine 2.0!

This is the perfect solution for those who are struggling to run their online business. Worry less about building backlinks and writing articles as well. WP Tag Machine 2.0 will do it for you. 

Wanna know more? Let’s go check this review!



WP TagMachine 2.0 Review


I know you want to know more about this. So, here are the five main features I want you to know. Let’s read it!

1. Unlimited SEO Tagging for Websites.

 Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram use tags in most of their posts and content. So why are you holding back?

Search engines love tags and they will rank your sites higher with these.

2. Use on Unlimited Domains & Sites.

Get the Unlimited Sites License for a small price today and you can install this plugin on unlimited sites that you personally own.

No matter how many sites – this is a must-have for all your sites.

3. 100% AUTOMATION powered by Artificial Intelligence for you.

Now there is no manual work needed – our powerful Artificial Intelligence Engine will read and analyze your content to give you the most accurate tags for your articles in SECONDS.

You can also expand on those tags & get more Long Tail tags in 1-CLICK.

4. Download Your Tags & Keywords into a CSV.

use them anywhere you want

Want to use this plugin as a KEYWORD research software? Sure you can… that is why we allow you to download the tags in just one click and save them to your computer as a text or CSV file.

5. Unlimited Tags for Pages & Images.

If you are serious about your SEO, you need to optimize your images and your WordPress pages too.

Now, this is what Tag Machine 2.0 does fully automatically for you.

We help you add unlimited tags across your site for unlimited posts, pages, and images so you can get the most out of them using this plugin.

New added features compared to version 1

  1. Automatic tagging via Artificial Intelligence (ability to add tags on autopilot)
  2. Add tags to pages and other post types (products, etc)
  3. Add tags to images (alt/title) for better SEO


Download WP Tag Machine 2.0 now!

How Does It Work?

This is super easy. See how it works in 2 minutes:

Good Points

  1. You don’t need to be a technical expert to use this software
  2. This is user friendly
  3. You can get organic traffic
  4. You can easily get unique content
  5. You can optimize content’s exposure


WP Tag Machine 2.0

Bad Points

  1. You are required to have a good internet connection to maximize its functionality
  2. You need to generate a big volume of relevant tags
  3. This could take your time to pick up the selective ones


WP TagMachine 2.0 Review Conclusion

You have already everything you need to know to end your struggle in ranking your site. Don’t hesitate anymore.


GET Your copy of WP Tag Machine 2.0 Here!


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WP Freshstart 5

WP Freshstart 5 Review+Bonus

WP Freshstart 5 Review+Bonus! Create Fully Loaded WordPress Sites in 60 seconds.

Have you tried setting up a new WordPress site?

I know what you are thinking cause it is, in fact, the most tedious work to do. It takes so much of your time that you can’t attend to your other tasks anymore.

Think about it.

You probably have 10-15 sites on hand. Imagine spending an hour for each site just to make sure they’re all properly set up. It is, indeed, time-consuming if you think about it.

No more wasting time.

The solution is here… Introducing WP Freshstart 5.0!


Your tedious and time-consuming tasks that took an hour can easily be done in 2 minutes. That’s how powerful this software is.  Awesome, right?

See Here & Watch it in Action – HOW IT WORKS….

Here’s all the cool stuff this plugin can do for you and save time….

Main Features

– Simple 1-Click Plugin for WordPress Automation

– Does 30+ Tasks in just a few clicks…

— Delete default posts & pages instantly.

— Set Permalinks to SEO Friendly Post-Name

— Turn off Comment Notifications via email

— Create Must-Have pages + Legal Pages for your site.

— Create affiliate disclaimer pages for multiple sites.

— Create Categories & new posts/pages you want.

— Install multiple plugins you require…at once.

— Reset Your Entire site in 1-Click


— Create GDPR Ready pages and forms for your site.

— Monetise Sites with Affiliate links + Amazon offers.

— Install Recommended Plugins by Niche

— Insert Lorem Ipsum content into your posts/pages.

— Add dummy images into various parts of your site.

— Disable copying of site content & protect content.

— Block hotlinking of images from external sources.

— Create Robots.txt & Sitemap.xml for SEO

— Add Google Analytics & FB Pixel to your site instantly.

— Show under construction page & allow logged-in users to view the site.

— Enable/Disable site indexing by search engines

— Set Blog Title / Tagline in 1-Click.

— Add copyright text + date at the bottom of all pages.

— Add EU Cookie notice to your site.

PRO Version Features

— Includes all the Front End features PLUS all the following features…

— Monetize sites with Clickbank, Jvzoo and other affiliate offers on complete autopilot – create passive income sites.

— Optimize your database / remove garbage data.

— Hide WP, don’t let anyone know you are running WP.

— Change the logo on your WP login page.

— Increase site security, block spam.

— Rebrand WordPress, change admin menu options & selectively show plugins & access to users.

— Upload images to IMGUR instead of local storage.

— Lazy load images, make your site load faster.

— Automatically compress all your images.

— Add your branded watermark to all your images.

— Combine CSS/JS files and minimize them, load faster.

— Add the Google Translate button for 1-click translation.

— Add a Scroll to the top button across your site.

— Replace WP comments with FB comments, get traffic.

— Add FB/Twitter Metadata for social sharing.

— Add Social Sharing buttons floating on your site.

— One-Click backup to Dropbox etc.

— Add Google Fonts to your site, get 600+ new fonts.


wp freshstart

The Good Points…

  1. You don’t need to be a technical expert to use this software
  2. This is super user friendly
  3. Save your precious time while building multiple sites.
  4. Responsive Technical Support
  5. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  6. Very affordably priced, you can get unlimited sites license for under 30 bucks.

Bad Points

  1. This is only for WordPress sites.
  2. You must have your own domain + hosting to install this, does not work on a free site.
  3. You are required to have a good internet connection to maximize its functionality
  4. You should upgrade to the PRO version to get a lot more benefits.


Here’s EVERYTHING You’ll Get Today…

That will do 30 menial WP tasks in just 2 minutes flat!

  • Add All Required GDPR Pages, Forms & Actions to your Site
  • GDPR Page Creator Tools for Terms of Use, Privacy, and Cookie Policy
  • Automatically Make Money from your sites using Automatic Affiliate Links & Amazon Product Links
  • Clean up all the default posts, pages, and comments
  • Configure must have WordPress generate settings.
  • Make your Site Google SEO Friendly
  • Create must-have pages like about us, contact us, etc.
  • Adding important pages such as affiliate, amazon, and earnings disclaimers.
  • Adding pages like Anti Spam, DMCA & Copyright Notice.
  • Install multiple PLUGINS at once that every site needs.
  • Create unlimited blank pages, posts, and categories.
  • PLUS ALL THE NEW 5.0 FEATURES listed above.

All these tasks could eat up HOURS of your time if you are a newbie. I have been building WordPress sites for a long time, and it takes me 30 minutes per site every time. But WP Freshstart does it all in just 2 minutes.



WP Email Countdown Plugin – $47 Value

Ever thought if you can insert countdowns into emails? Well, now you can.

This special BONUS plugin will let you insert LIVE active countdown timers inside emails to increase scarcity and make your people take action.



WP Maximize Tube Plugin – $47 Value

This amazing WordPress plugin lets you super easily monetize Youtube videos in a completely unique way. Add content and make an easy profit using 100s of Youtube videos.




Learn how you can implement this passive income system to generate up to $100,000 per year in passive income for yourself. This is already working for many people and you just have to watch this and take action.




Learn exactly how two secret experts are getting over 3000 unique visitors to your site PER DAY without spending a dime, yes this is all free traffic and you will learn exactly how you can copy that.



If creating multiple WordPress sites is what you do, this is perfect.

You have the solution in front of you.

Grab it before it’s too late!


Download WP Freshstart 5.0 Today – CLICK HERE


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WP Fotopress Review

WP Fotopress Review – Photoshop for WordPress, Access Millions of Images


Images are your keys to success.

That’s right! Internet marketers who have WordPress sites use at least two images in their posts in order to attract more visitors. Anyone who doesn’t use images in their post will make it looks so dull.

People are more visual nowadays, so marketers should adapt to this kind of change.

Now, the problem is not only that one. People who are using WordPress have been facing a big challenge. WordPress has only limited image functionalities.  

What I mean by limited is that you can’t edit an image, and what’s worse is that they haven’t fixed this demand till now. So today, what I’m about to show you will give us the perfect solution to this problem.

Introducing WP Fotopress!

This is a powerful WordPress software that adds a Photoshop-like editor inside your WordPress sites, and what’s even good about this is that it finds millions of images for your blog posts. Amazing, right?

Wanna know more? Let’s go check this review!


WP Fotopress


WP Fotopress Review


1. Finds You 2 Million+ Royalty-Free images from 4 TOP SOURCES.

– Finding the right image for your blog content or website can be hard. It could sometimes even take hours to pick the one that fits your site the best.

Scouring 100s of websites is not a good idea (or the best use of your time) that’s why we made it EXTREMELY SIMPLE

– 1 click search that finds you over 2 million images right inside your WordPress site.

2. 1-Click Crop, Resize, Rotate And Edit.

 You may hardly use the images you find online exactly in the same size on your content pages – you need to MAKE IT FIT.

That’s why we added a quick 1-click edit feature that makes it extremely simple for you to get the right size/shape of the image you want.

3. FULL Photoshop Style EDITOR.

The #1 feature that makes this plugin a must-have for every WordPress site, the full-featured editor lets you create, edit, re-touch, optimize and add effects to any number of images you won’t – just see our DEMO and you’ll see how simple and extremely effective this is.

4. UNLIMITED LAYERS Support Inside The Editor.

Never before has any other WordPress photo editor had the support for Unlimited LAYERS just like Photoshop which lets you do advanced editing tasks and create complex images super-fast.

5. 20+ Instagram like FILTERS.

 Instagram has taken social media by storm. Their strongest feature – Image Filters is now in your hands right inside your WordPress site. Now you can pick from any of the 20+ filters and make your images stand out from the rest in one click.

6. 100+ Special Effects For Your Images.

Advanced effects are what photoshop is known for and we made sure you had all those effects for your images inside your WordPress site as well.

Now you can apply a COMBINATION of 100+ effects to your images and create unlimited complex images for yourself.

7. SEO Optimize Every Image You Add.

99% of Marketers/Site owners never SEO-optimize their images and miss out on a huge amount of easy to get traffic that comes from Google Image search.

Don’t make that mistake because we’ve made it extremely SIMPLE to SEO your images.


Download WP Fotopress now!


How Does It Work?

This is super easy to use. You don’t need photoshop skills to use this. You don’t believe me? Let’s go check this demo video: 

Good Points

1. Prevent you from doing extra work outside your WordPress site

2. Newbie friendly

3. Apply Instagram like filters

4. Responsive Technical Support

5. Amazing bonuses are included


Bad Points

  1. Need stable internet connection
  2. Need to contact support desk if you have questions


Never have to worry about editing your images outside your WordPress sites anymore. This is the missing piece that will complete your site and take you to the next level.



GET Your copy of WP Fotopress Here!


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WP Coursify

WP Coursify Review

WP Coursify Review – Create Your Own Udemy Like Course Selling Site


In the past years until now, online education has been a billion-dollar industry. Yes! It is a super huge market.

You might be familiar with popular websites like Udemy, Coursera, EdX, or They earning millions of dollars every month.

So, if you want to earn that big, make and publish your own online courses.

Today, what I’m about to show you will help you make that happen.

Introducing WP Coursify!

This is the perfect software that helps you create your own educational site that sells online courses just like any other popular site. Amazing, right?

Wanna know more? Let’s go check this review!


WPCoursify-Create Your Own Udemy Like Course Selling Site

WP Coursify Review



1. Add & Sell Unlimited Online Courses from Your Site.

 Whether you launch one site or multiple sites, you will be able to add unlimited courses to your site and sell them online. No limits on how many sales or courses you sell. Add all YOUR Courses in just a few minutes.

2. Add Unlimited Students.

Many products add limitations based on users.. we don’t. We want you to grow and profit from your business so with Coursify, you can sell to unlimited students, sell in any part of the world.

3. Quick Course Maker – Publish A Course in 60 seconds.

Our Quick Course Maker module has been designed for speed. You won’t have to manually paste codes and content, just give it a page URL and it will automatically fetch all videos from that page and turn it into a course…BOOM – just like that.

4. Sell Video Courses, PDFs, Text + Image Content.

There is absolutely no limit to what kind of content you can sell using this – video courses, PDF training, HTML or Rich Content, anything you want.

5. Fully Protected – Secure Content Delivery.

 The content delivery is seamless – once the user buys a course, he has secure access to that course online and all its related resources & the courses are automatically added to his account.

6. Simple Step by Step Course Creator.

 Course creation is simple – if you can copy-paste content from one document to another, that’s the only skill you need. Adding text, images, videos is a piece of cake with WP Coursify.

7. Add Unlimited Chapters & Modules per Course.

 There is no limit to how much content you can add to each course, unlimited modules & chapters. Break your course up into any parts you want. Complete freedom.

8. Zero Transaction Fees, Monthly or Yearly Fees.

 We’re sick of platforms that take away up to 75% of your income as fees. Then there are others that take 5% to 10% on every sale. Crazy, I know. That’s why with WP Coursify, there are no fees, just download once & use forever.

9. Sell Offline Courses & Enroll Students Online.

 This is not just for online courses, but if you run offline workshops and training, you can use Coursify to sell those online, take bookings, and accept payments.

10. Accept Payments via Paypal.

 Paypal is the world’s most popular way to pay easily and WP Coursify integrates seamlessly with Paypal for accepting payments.

11. Offer Free Courses as Lead Magnets.

 The #1 way to grow your site is to get more users to signup and offering free courses is the best way to do that. Coursify lets you use free courses as lead magnets and grow your user base.

12. Accept Offline Payments.

Got customers who cannot pay online? No worries. Coursify lets customers make offline payments in cash or bank wire payments and the admin can manually enable/disable course access based on that.

13. Intelligent Dashboard for Users & Admin.

 All your students, courses, and detailed course stats are available in a beautiful dashboard for you to track and see everything in a single view.

14. Detailed Revenue & Sales Reports.

 Do Want to see how your online business is doing? Coursify comes with complete reports and a dashboard for sales. You can see daily, monthly, and the course-wise breakup of income and sales from within your dashboard.


Download WP Coursify now!


Good Points

  1. Get full control of your business
  2. No hidden fees attached
  3. User friendly
  4. Responsive technical support


step by step course creator


Bad Points

  1. Need stable internet connection
  2. Need to contact support desk if you have question

WP Coursify Review Conclusion

Take a big step now in making your own educational portal. Earn evergreen passive income now.


GET Your copy of WP Coursify Here!


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Sellvia Dropshipping Review


In this Sellvia Dropshipping Review, you'll learn the following:

  • What Sellvia is
  • How to use it
  • Sellvia's pros and cons
  • How much does Sellvia cost
  • What users say about Sellvia

On top of that, I'll take you through the most asked questions about Sellvia.

Before I get into the gist of the matter, let me talk about a couple of things first.

As a dropshipper, you know that getting a reliable supplier can be a challenge. However, it becomes easy to run and automate your business with a good supplier.

Working with a steady supplier means that you can enjoy access to and delivery of high-quality products, prompt shipping, and excellent customer care. That way, you can focus on other aspects of running your dropshipping business.

You see,

Your supplier will determine crucial aspects of your online business, including:

  • The products you'll sell in your online store.
  • The shipping options your customers will have.
  • The shipping experience for customers regarding delivery time and product quality.

Because a supplier is such an integral part of your dropshipping business, you must choose the best – and that's where Sellvia comes in.

So, What is Sellvia?

start your eCommerce business with sellvia

Sellvia is an e-commerce ecosystem that goes beyond solving your supply and fulfillment tasks only.

It comes with everything you require to launch an e-commerce store and a dropshipping business across the United States.

Sellvia doubles up as an e-commerce business and a supplier for the United States market.

It seeks to be the to-go-to solution for people looking for a seamless way to build and manage an online store by providing game-changing supply, marketing, and even manufacturing services.

The company handles delivery, fulfillment, and every other process in between.

The best part?

Sellvia doesn't rely on third-party organizations for inventory. They have all the merchandise, including their own manufacturing, in their Californian warehouse, making it easy and quicker to ship. 

In addition, this allows the company to fulfill orders as soon as they get them. Sellvia only takes one business day to collect the requested goods and forward them to the United States Postal service.

In fact, one of the reasons Sellvia has become popular with dropshippers is the ability to deliver the merchandise within 1 to 3 business days for customers living in the United States.

Keep in mind that one of the biggest challenges you're likely to face as a dropshipper is customer complaints due to long shipping times.

Indeed, finding a supplier that can ship goods in a maximum of 3 days will save you unnecessary headaches and provide your customers with a smooth shopping experience. Of course, happy customers are more likely to return and, most importantly, recommend your online store to their family and friends.

And, because Sellvia stocks the best-selling products proven to be highly demanded, you can be sure that you're selling goods that customers are looking for, which, by extension, translates into a positive ROI.

What's more, Sellvia offers a free custom store service by leveraging done-for-you and done-with-you strategies, making it easier to own and run a dropshipping website.

A Sellvia custom store comes with 50 products, all sourced from the company's warehouse.

Custom stores are great if you're just getting started with dropshipping or don't want to spend hours creating a store tailored to your target customer's needs.

Switching gears;

How Does Sellvia Work?

You can take advantage of Sellvia by either:

That way, you can connect your site to Sellvia's warehouse within the United States.

Essentially, this means that you can start to use a Sellvia US-based fulfillment center and have your orders delivered within 1 to 3 business days.

Let me expound on these two Sellvia services.

1. Sellvia Custom Dropshipping Store

The Sellvia custom store package is a service that offers a fully-fledged store built from scratch with everything included.

Since the dropshipping store is ready-made, you only need to get the login details to access the store and start selling.

The custom stores package also comes with marketing material you need to supercharge your brand awareness campaign.

To enable Sellvia to build a custom store, you'll need to answer a quick questionnaire to the Sellvia team, helping them create exactly what you want.

Some of the info you'll need to provide in the questionnaire include:

  • Your preferred niche and what you want to sell
  • You domain name
  • The theme (store layout) you want – you can choose between free and paid themes
  • The preferred social media handles for your dropshipping website

As stated, a Sellvia custom store has 50 pre-imported products. However, the platform offers an additional package if you want more products ranging from 100 to 1,000 extra items.

It takes the Sellvia team one business day to deliver your custom store.

Once ready, all you need is to integrate your payment gateway to start selling.

Moving to the second part of this Sellvia review, let's now look at the platform's most notable highlights.

2. Sellvia WordPress Plugin

You can download the Sellvia plugin from the Sellvia website at $39 per month.

You'll then need to follow the following steps:

  • Install the plugin on your website or dropshipping store.
  • Activate the plugin using your API. The API will be sent to the email you give when buying the plugin.
  • Once you've activated the plugin, you can start to use it to process your orders directly on Sellvia's website.

Enter your text here...

With the Sellvia plugin up and running, it's time to import products listed on the platform to your online store. I recommend exploring the products by categories instead of viewing them randomly to save time.

At this point, you'll also want to create a list of categories on your website where to import products that you'll select.

For instance, if you own a fashion accessories store, you'll want to have different categories for each product type, such as sunglasses, bags, wallets, hats, and so on.

Then, import products to the matching category using the Sellvia plugin. 

Simply click on Sellvia > Product List to see all the products available in the Sellvia warehouse.

The plugin will import products and their images.

What Happens When a Customer Places an Order?

Processing orders with Sellvia is pretty straightforward, with the fully automated fulfillment option expected to be released soon.

When a customer places an order, you'll want to fulfill it as soon as possible.

All you need to do is click on the "Orders" section of the plugin to see the orders. If the order contains the products you've imported through Sellvia, you'll click on the "Order from Sellvia" button.

Once the system finds the product(s), you'll get a confirmation "Product Found" message and then proceed to pay for the merchandise by clicking on the "Place Order" button.

You can view the product's tracking number in the "Get Tracking" section.

While the customer will automatically get this information via USPS, I recommend emailing them the tracking number to nurture a healthy business relationship.

And so you may know, you can see and manage your store's order info on your dashboard once you log into Sellvia's website.

Sellvia Dropshipping Review: Features

What follows is a rundown of Sellvia's well-thought-out highlights that make the platform one of the most sought-after e-commerce solutions in the United States.

The US-Based Fulfillment Center

Sellvia's fulfillment center is strategically located in Irvine, California.

Sellvia can offer an exceptional fulfillment service to handle orders swiftly and quickly across the United States with such a central location.

The ripple effect is that you can build a good rapport with your customers, avoiding shipping delays and, by extension, chargebacks on your dropshipping stores.

As I said, the ordered items are ready to be picked, packed, and handed over to the delivery service within one business day from the placement date.

Incredible Marketing Support

Sellvia offers pre-designed marketing materials making it easy for store owners to create and set up ads campaigns for their dropshipping business.

The promotional materials include Facebook and Instagram ads copies complete with product images and text as well as promo materials for Pinterest and emails.

I find this feature quite impressive because apart from saving you time developing marketing campaigns, it also gives you access to the tools you need to scale your online store easily.

All you need to do is edit the ads according to your messaging, whether you're running Facebook or Instagram ads.

On top of that, Sellvia has dropshipping-friendly product pages. The pages sport an impressive layout and eye-catching visuals inspired by top industry insiders. That way, you can create pages that look professional and trustworthy, further boosting your marketing efforts.

What's more, there's a range of extra marketing services, from SEO help to brand development, helpful for people with little to no e-commerce experience who want to give this business a try. Together with the personal manager's thorough assistance, it makes dropshipping available to everyone with any level of business knowledge.

Quality Packaging

Sellvia's fulfillment center goes the extra mile to ensure that the ordered items are ready for long-distance delivery before handing them over to the USPS or UPS.

Sellvia ships products in neat, quality packing clear labels showing where the parcel came from.

If you've been in the dropshipping business long enough, then you know that packages can be delayed while on transit, delivered to the wrong address, or completely lost without a clear shipping label. And Sellvia is also working on introducing branded packaging options for its users.

Ever-Growing Sellvia Product Catalo

Sellvia Product Catalog

Sellvia's product catalog is ingenious.

It features products from several categories and offers good, profitable deals.

The product categories include fashion, auto, gadgets, homes, gardens, outdoors, pets, sports, and made in USA products.

The one thing that sets the Sellvia catalog apart is the unique buyer reviews on each product. Further, the products come with SEO-friendly titles, well-written product descriptions, and high-quality images.

Essentially, this means that after importing products, you start promoting the merchandise right away without the need to edit the content on your pages.

Automated Order Placement

Sellvia is the only US-based dropshipping supplier I know with this feature.

The standard with most dropshipping suppliers is that you must go to the supplier's website to fulfill your customers' orders manually.

On the other hand, Sellvia automatically receives and forwards orders to their fulfillment center to fulfill the order on your behalf.

In addition, this e-commerce platform offers other automation tools to enable you to set some aspects of your business on autopilot.

Fast Shipping Badge

grow your sales with Fast Shipping Badge

The fast shipping badge allows you to give your customer estimated delivery dates and other crucial shipping details.

More specifically, this setting allows you to accomplish the following:

  • Activate Fast Shipping Badge – Here, you can either activate or deactivate the badge. When activated, the shipping time becomes visible to US-based customers.
  • Set the Processing Time – Enable you to add the processing time for your products, notifying your customers of the time it'll take to process their orders.
  • Set the Arrives By Date – This allows you to give your customers the expected delivery date for their orders.

When activating or deactivating either option, be sure to consider public holidays and weekends.

Under this function, you can also indicate whether you offer free shipping or not. You can as well customize your shipping button's text and icon.

One-click Import

Sellvia offers a one-click import feature that enables you to import products to your store with a single click.

Your job is to specify the category where you want to import the products, and the platform will do the rest. You can also make use of Sellvia presets: sets of logically grouped products that get added to your store altogether in a single click.

Ability to Offer Refunds

The reality of dropshipping or e-commerce business is that you have to deal with returns sooner or later.

When returns happen, it means that you have to process refunds, lest you attract negative reviews that can potentially harm your business.

If you're working with an e-commerce supplier whose lengthy and complicated refund process, you stand to lose customers, which translates into a negative ROI.

Luckily, the Sellvia refund process is straightforward. Because Sellvia is a US-based dropshipping supplier, the platform can manage and process refunds quickly and effectively.

The benefit is that your e-commerce store can maintain a good name and reputation, both of which are crucial to a thriving dropshipping business.

10 Different Stores Per Subscription

One Sellvia subscription allows you to run up to 10 dropshipping stores.

Sellvia Pricing

Sellvia Pricing

Sellvia's pricing is structured in two tiers as follows:

I recommend the PRO plan for a couple of things, including:

  • It allows you to save $69/year
  • You're assigned a personal manager to help you make the most of your Sellvia account.
  • You get a free turnkey e-commerce store.

You can test-drive Sellvia through the platform's 14-day free trial.

Sellvia Dropshipping Review: Pros and Cons

Sure, Sellvia is one of the top e-commerce ecosystems within the United States. Still, the platform has its upsides and downsides as listed below.

Some of the reasons you'd want to run Sellvia as your e-commerce supplier include:


  • Fast shipping – Sellvia ships products pretty fast. Your customers across the US will get their goods within 1 to 3 days.
  • Intuitive e-commerce platform – Importing goods is easy via the one-click function.
  • High-quality product descriptions.
  • Sellvia products are relatively affordable compared to other marketplaces.
  • You don't have to deal with many dropshipping suppliers, reducing the risk of low inventory.
  • Access to free dropshipping courses to help you learn the ropes of the game.
  • Personal managers' assistance on every business question.
  • Extra branding and marketing services to give your store a unique touch.
  • Expertly made product pages with high-resolution product images.
  • You can activate Sellvia for free via the 14-day trial.
  • CONS

  • Sellvia products are only available for customers in the USA. 
  • If you want to sell via Sellvia, you'll have to be contented with the fact that you cannot have direct contact with suppliers.
  • You can only sell products offered by the Sellvia service.
  • Sellvia Dropshipping Review: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    As I come to the near end of my Sellvia review, let me go over some of the most commonly asked questions by people who want to sell on the platform.

    Q: How Does Sellvia Work?

    A: "The first step is to activate Sellvia. 

    You can do this by buying any of the two Sellvia subscription packages depending on your budget. 

    You'll need to connect the platform to your online stores first to sell products.

    Then, start importing products from the ready-to-use product bundles.

    With everything up and running, you can now start selling Sellvia products in your store. Your orders will be redirected to the Sellvia Fulfillment Center. 

    The platform will process customer orders, pack them, and deliver them to your customer's doorstep via the USPS service in 1 to 3 business days."

    Q: Can I Use Sellvia with Shopify?

    A: "Yes! You can easily install the Sellvia app to your Shopify store and subscribe to it, getting access to all its e-commerce functionality. Please note that one Sellvia subscription will be valid for one Shopify store only."

    Q: Is Sellvia Legit?

    A: "Yes, Sellvia is 100% legit.

    You see, one of the easiest ways to determine if a service is worth it is to check what independent users are saying about it. You can visit the platform's social media handles to take a sneak peek if the company in question delivers what it promises in promotional materials.

    Sellvia has rave reviews and high ratings to its name. And, with an average customer rating of 4.9 (Trustpilot), the platform is one of the best suppliers in the United States."

    Q: Can You Make Money On Sellvia?

    A: "Yes, you can.

    By positioning itself as a reliable dropshipping supplier, Sellvia guarantees that you will always have something to sell – as long as you're selling what's available in their product category.

    That way, this platform allows you to create a steady flow of revenue.

    You can also earn commissions by referring people to Sellvia. The platform pays you commissions for every person who subscribes with your help."



    Sellvia is a top-notch e-commerce ecosystem for anyone looking to partner with a reliable, trustworthy supplier for their online stores.

    I love the great product pages, the excellent product description, the super active social media handle, high-quality images, fast shipping, and everything else that comes with the platform.

    Sellvia offers what you need to run a stress-free dropshipping business for your customers in the United States.

    Check it out; you'll love it!

    And, oh, did I mention that you get access to a personal manager when you sign up for the Sellvia PRO package?

    Other than that, thank you for reading my Sellvia Dropshipping review.


    SellitPics Review And Bonus


    SellitPics Review And Bonus

    Turn Every Prospect Into A Client
    Using Hyper-Personalization On Facebook,
    LinkedIn, Emails & Landing Pages

    Get 3x More Replies, 325% More Conversions & More Sales
    From Every Message You Send


    Let’s face it, we all want more traffic, more subscribers, and more daily sales. And there’s one simple solution that still works like gangbusters for this — Personalized Images.

    We all love it when someone makes something only for us? Personalization is a powerful tool when it involves marketing. And it is not surprising that three out of 4 marketers are deploying some sort of personalization in their emails.

    Look up your leads on social media and send them a direct message to break the ice. This strategy has helped smart marketers take their business from 0 to as much as a million dollars in record time. 

    It works because it’s razor-targeted and you talk to your lead one-on-one. Do it right and you will have an endless supply of customers.

    But, getting a positive reply is a huge problem. You may send messages all day and find yourself ignored, or worse, reported for spam and banned forever.


    This is the biggest problem of outreach marketing.

    If you can overcome this hurdle, you will open up the best source of qualified prospects and clients for your business.

    But, what if you can make this problem go away right now?

    What if every time you sent a message to a prospect, he looks up in surprised delight, actually reads what’s on-screen, and feels an urge to take action?


    How much more successful will your business be?

    You will close deals and land clients you never expected you could.

    This is possible through hyper-personalization.

    The reason why client prospecting is difficult is that your prospects get anything between 2 to 12 messages every day from marketers. They are so tired of this that they have learned to tune out everything and just hit that spam button on autopilot without even checking the offer.

    If you want to be the person that breaks this barrier and actually gets results; you have to have a strong pattern-interrupt. A reason why customers will talk to you.

    No stock image can accurately represent your brand like custom photography. When people see your images, they’ll see the exact message you want to convey.


    That’s where SellitPics steps in.

    SellitPics is the all-new hyper-personalization platform from Teknikforce, the company that has a decade-long record of creating quality tools for marketers just like you.

    It’s an online Software as a Service, or SaaS as it’s known, that creates automated hyper-personalized image messages to get you more clients & sales on Social Media, Email, and from your landing pages.

    That’s right. We’re talking about image messages. With SellitPics you can do personalized outreach on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Whatsapp, Discord, Telegram, even emails, and your landing pages.

    Send your prospects an email featuring images with their name on them. Follow up with a personalized image message on LinkedIn and when they click on the image, they go straight to a landing page that’s hyper-personalized just for them.

    Imagine how much more attention every prospect will give to your message, email, and your landing page when they see their name on it.

    Every prospect will spend more time on your offer, with a more positive and open mindset. You are going to make way more conversions and land more clients than a drab landing page that is not personalized.

    Hyper-personalization works. That’s why even before technologies like Sellitpics, top marketers were creating these personalized images and landing pages by hand. Spending hours of their time and hiring expensive designers because it’s worth getting the attention of your prospects.

    Sellitpics makes all of it easier and faster. Making hyper-personalized outreach something you can do in minutes not hours.

    Start by selecting one of the dozens of readymade outreach templates that we have and customize it using the powerful in-built designer. You can change anything including font size, style, color, or even images. 

    That’s not all, you also get access to an infinite supply of new templates and designs from peers through the shared template bank. Give inspiration and draw inspiration from what other marketers are doing.

    Create hyper-personalized messages in just minutes. Use name, region, company, or anything you want.

    Share personalized images and links on social media, email them or even personalize an entire landing page in one simple click. SellitPics makes it extremely simple and fast.

    SellitPics will send your click-through rate soaring on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook with personalized images that are clickable and lead straight to your landing page. No more text hyperlinks tucked away in a corner that nobody clicks.

    Use SellitPics in all your email marketing and get more clicks from curious buyers through hyper-personalizing your images. With better clickthrough rates you don’t just make more sales you also inbox more often! 

    That’s not all. When clients click on your links in social messages or emails you can send them to a landing page that’s hyper-personalized for them.

    Landing page text that addresses your prospect by name; personalized graphics too!

    It’s fast and easy with SellitPics.


    SellitPics is the most powerful web SAAS for personalization

    Send personalized image messages to your prospects on social media.

    Send emails with personalized images and improve your click rates.

    Create super-personalized landing pages with personalized images and text.

    Delight and surprise your prospects and be remembered.

    Your message stands out from pesky spam. Never get blocked again.

    Easy-to-use interface. You’ll be creating customized images in minutes.

    Supports personalization at scale. Use anywhere you want.

    Dozens of readymade templates. Get started immediately.

    Get access to public templates shared by users like you.

    Powerful template editor. Modify other people’s templates or make yours from scratch.

    Use any HTML code to use in your custom images.


    SEE SellitPics in Action!

    Get One-Time Accounts & Agency Rights Only During Launch


    SellitPics will be launched with lifetime valid accounts at launch but will go recurring right after launch. 

    During the launch, you get Agency rights. can use SellitPics to create amazing images for your clients. After launch, this goes away

    SellitPics Includes Powerful Training To Help Your Buyers Get More Success 


    With just a tool you’re only half there. The secret to success is knowing what to do with it. When you get SellitPics, we don’t just give your buyer the tool, we also give them the roadmap. 

    They will show you what to do with SellitPics to get your audience begging to buy from you. The best part is it is Included with the front-end. Every buyer gets it. 


    What else can SellitPics do?

    Sellitpics is a versatile tool, with tons more features I found useful. For example, here’s what else SellitPics can do:

    ✔️ Supports all social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Whatsapp, Slack, Discord & all others.

    ✔️ Reduce complaint rate: Important if you are doing cold-outreach. Reduce complaint rate. Keeps your account in a good position

    ✔️ Personalize your landing page text & images to improve conversions.

    ✔️ Web-based SAAS, create your campaigns from anywhere.

    ✔️ Don’t go to Spam. With personalization, your outreach is custom made and your prospects won’t think it’s spamming.

    ✔️ Get dozens of free templates to start with. Quickly customize any template and make it yours. 

    ✔️ Get access to a template library shared by other users and share your own templates too.

    ✔️ Powerful template-builder lets you create your own designs and templates easily.

    ✔️ Detailed analytics, sales reporting included.

    ✔️ Get higher click-through rates and conversions with max-level personalization.

    And that’s just the stuff I saw inside the dashboard!

    There are tons of features packed into this tool, making it one of the best image personalization apps I’ve seen, but there is one slight negative point which I’ll cover down below.


    Who is it for?

    SellitPics is most suited for freelancers, independent internet marketers, small marketing agencies, and small business owners who want to delight prospects into action with personalized social messages, emails & landing pages.

    If you’re also looking to create an additional income you’ll be pleased to know that also included is a commercial agency license to use SellitPics for client work, offering creative image services, with the ability to create unlimited personalized images which you can sell and keep all the profits!

    Anyone who wants easy profits without having to configure anything themselves.

    Also, it is suitable for looking to quit their 9-5, experience freedom, and clear outstanding debt. 

    It is also suitable for marketers who want to absolutely DOMINATE and THRIVE even in negative situations like the present. People who want to be their own boss, get traffic and make sales on demand whenever they need or want to

    They also give you a ready-built agency website with a pre-filled portfolio that you can upload to any domain for instant authority so that you can show it off to any new potential clients to get work. (Professional websites like this would cost you at least $600 alone, so it’s really good value.)


    Customers Are Desperately Looking
    For Outreach Marketing

    On Fiverr

    SellitPics Outreach Marketing On Fiverr


    On Freelancer

    SellitPics Outreach Marketing On Freelancer


    On Upwork

    SellitPics Outreach Marketing On Upwork


    Outreach is a high paying niche and people are charging 100s
    of dollars to do basic work. With SellitPics helping you get
    better results, you can dominate this market and rake in clients by the dozen.

    Get SellitPics Special Offer


    What does it cost?

    Normally $197, but the special launch price is a one-time.

    Any upsells?

    Yes, there are currently 5 upsells. You don’t really need all of them to use SellitPics, but they might come in useful depending on your situation and usage.


    Here’s what they are:

    OTO1: SellitPics Pro – $97-$127

    The powerful SellitPics Pro upgrade adds unlimited campaigns and other amazing features to SellitPics.

    OTO 2: SellitPics Agency – $127-$197

    Sell SellitPics yourself and keep all the profits.

    OTO 3: PursueApp Pro – $47

    Powerful cold-email marketing and prospecting SAAS application.

    OTO 4: AdPlify Pro – $47

    7-in-1 Platform to help you run better ads on Facebook. Better targeting, competitor monitoring, and more.

    OTO 5: Viral Reach + Pinflux – $67

    7-in-1 Platform to help you run better ads on Facebook. Better targeting, competitor monitoring, and more.

    The Bad

    — So far, there is none.

    The Good

    — Easy to use

    — Glitch free

    —  100% Newbie-Friendly Easy-To-Use Software!

    The Awesome

    — Tons of beautiful templates

    — Includes Powerful Training 

    — One-Time Accounts & Agency Rights Included

    — One-time payment only – no monthly fees!


    Thank you so much for reading my SellitPics Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. 

    There have been plenty of customized image creator tools in the past, but I haven’t seen any that make the entire process as smooth and quick as SellitPics. It’s surprisingly glitch-free (most low-priced tools like this are buggy as hell) and it’s packed with some really cool features.

    The templates are very nice looking, the layouts are professional and the fact you can automatically edit the images seamlessly makes this a must-have for anyone who’s tired of spending hours slaving over image customization and screwing around with formatting.

    The icing on the cake is the commercial license which is included. Normally vendors charge extra for this, so it’s a huge value-added bonus. The additional provided done-for-you agency website is just over-delivery.

    Use SellitPics to do hyper-personalized outreach not just for your own business but also for clients. The commercial license you get today authorizes you to sell services using SellitPics.

    You know outreach is hot and every business wants to find the perfect leads and clients. Be the person that brings results to them and creates a powerful new recurring revenue stream.

    SellitPics has been developed by Cyril Gupta, who is a well-known internet entrepreneur and best seller, with over ten years of experience, and has previously created worldwide hits such as Adplify, CloudFunnels, CourseFunnels, Webinarloop, Mailengine, and many more. 

    The best part is they always maintain and grow their software. So you can look forward to increased functionality and support for more features in the coming months.

    He’s known for creating high-quality professional solutions and I expect no less from SellitPics.

    This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

    Free! Powerful Bonus Applications

    Get SellitPics Today & Also Get These Powerful Software That Will Get You More Traffic


    BONUS #1

    Lead Generation On Demand

    It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in, if you aren’t able to generate new leads and turn them into paying customers, your company will never succeed.

    You need to be constantly bringing in new customers if you want your business to thrive.

    Generating more leads is anything but easy and if you don’t have a solid marketing strategy that will drive more traffic to your website, you’ll never be able to generate the leads you need for your business to succeed.

    This comprehensive guide will show you how you can create lead generation on demand.

    SellitPics Lead Generation On Demand

    BONUS #2

    SellitPics Tailored Image

    Tailored Image

    Wow, Your Site Visitors With Personalized Messages And Create An Instant Connection And Massive Reader Engagement!

    If you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, or niche marketer, making money online is big to you. That’s why you gave more time driving traffic into your website.

    The thing is that you won’t make a sale if you don’t make a connection to your audience and build authority with them.

    Fortunately, inside this product is good news for you to hear as you are about to learn and experience a plugin that will help you build connections to your audience right upon they visit your website.

    BONUS #3

    Growmatik – Marketing Automation and Personalization

    Drive engagement and grow sales with end-to-end marketing automation for WordPress & WooCommerce.

    Growmatik is a robust marketing automation solution that automates your entire marketing and drives more sales through personalized web pages, emails, and popups within one tool.

    SellitPics Growmatik – Marketing Automation and Personalization

    BONUS #4

    SellitPics Emails & Newsletters with Jackmail

    Emails & Newsletters with Jackmail

    Discover a new way to send your newsletters without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard.

    Jackmail is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create and send newsletters to your contacts.

    Jackmail is an extension that includes all features, updates, and live support.

    BONUS #5

    WP Content Spread

    Automate the process of curating the latest, trending, and engaging content from Facebook pages for your WordPress blog and engage your visitors better, while Google will crawl and index your pages instantly.

    SellitPics WP Content Spread

    BONUS #6

    SellitPics WP Pinreach

    WP Pinreach

    We created this powerful Plugin to help Pinterest marketers turn every follower instantly into a buyer.

    It does something that you haven’t seen any product do before on Pinterest.

    Send an automated direct message to every person who follows you.

    Yep, reach out to them automatically while the lead is still hot. Send your discount coupons, your offers, your affiliate link, your call to action… Absolutely anything you want directly into the customer’s Pinterest inbox.

    Send your buy links, coupons, call to action, offers, in a direct message instantly to anyone who follows you.

    BONUS #7

    WP Fast FAQs

    Create powerful FAQs on your website with the minimum effort.

    No need to write any HTML. Also style and show the FAQs in a way that looks good easily.

    SellitPics WP Fast FAQs



    Extremely Limited Time Bundle Offer (Save Hundreds)

    Hurry! Grab The Special Offer On

    The Entire SellitPics Funnel

    Before It Goes Away


    Here Is What Is Included:

    waled badry




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    Product Dyno Review

    Product Dyno Review – Does This Platform Live Up to the Hype?

    Click Here

    There’s a good chance you’ve been hearing a lot of positive things about Product Dyno. But maybe you have a few questions.

    Questions such as,

    what IS Product Dyno, exactly?

    And does Product Dyno really do what they say it does?

    Read on, because this Product Dyno review will answer these questions and many more. Take a look…

    What Is Product Dyno?

    Product Dyno is a sales and delivery platform for those who’re selling digital products, such as ebooks, videos, membership sites, apps, and similar items.

    Product Dyno has two key features that are designed to help sellers get their products to market more quickly and securely:

    1. It makes it easy for sellers to securely deliver content.

    That’s because the platform contains dual-layer security to protect your content. This dual-layer includes expiring download links and customer log-ins.

    This means that only people who’ve purchased your content can access it, so you don’t have to worry about people sharing your download links on black hat sites.

    2. Product Dyno lets sellers manage all their services in one place.

    Instead of constantly logging in and out of services such as payment processors and autoresponders, Product Dyno brings these services in one convenient place.

    Once you connect your services within the Product Dyno dashboard, you can use them with any product with just a click of your mouse.

    How Does It Work?

    This is super easy. See how it works in 5 minutes:


    So now that you have a general idea of what Product Dyno does, let’s take a look at the pros and cons…

    Product Dyno Review {Pros}

    So, what’s good about this platform? Why should you use it? Take a look…

    Product Dyno is Slim Yet Powerful

    If you’ve looked at similar selling platforms, then you know a lot of them are bloatware with big learning curves.

    Product Dyno is different because it includes only the features you need, which makes the platform slim yet very powerful.

    And that means it’s user-friendly with an intuitive interface – so you can get right to work setting up your account and your products.

    And here’s something else…

    Even though Product Dyno is very intuitive, it still includes plenty of support documentation to get you up and running fast. So, if you need a little extra help with any of the features, there’s a support document or video to help you figure things out fast.

    Integrates With Top Services

    As mentioned, one of Product Dyno’s key features is that it lets you connect and manage all your services in one convenient place.

    Currently, the platform integrates with all the top services, and more are being added every day.

    Here are the services that currently seamlessly integrate with Product Dyno:


    •  Aweber
    •  Active Campaign
    •  Constant Contact
    •  Get Response
    •  iContact
    •  Mail Chimp
    •  SendLane
    •  ConvertKit

    Payment processors:

    •  ClickBank
    •  GumRoad
    •  Paddle
    •  ThriveCart
    •  Stripe
    •  PayPal

    Don’t see your service on the list? No problem. That’s because you can ask the Product Dyno developers to add your service if it’s not already included, and they’ll be happy to do so.

    Secures Your Content

    One of the big benefits of using Product Dyno is that it makes it easy to secure your content.

    What’s more, you can secure your content in multiple ways, including:

    1. Securing your content on your own domain.

    All you have to do is paste a bit of code into your delivery page, the Product Dyno secures it.

    It’s like putting a padlock on your content!

    2. Securing your content in your Amazon S3 account.

    Product Dyno adds an extra layer of security to this content.

    3. Securing your content using Product Dyno’s hosting feature.

    You don’t even need to host your delivery page if you don’t want to, as Product Dyno will do it for you.

    As mentioned, Product Dyno’s dual-layer security includes expiring download links and customer logins.

    This means you don’t need to worry about hackers guessing the location of your delivery pages, nor do you need to worry about thieves and pirates sharing them.

    If you’re selling software (SaaS), Product Dyno also includes a licensing feature to add another layer of security.

    You can decide how many licenses to allow for each product. If a customer asks for a refund, Product Dyno revokes their access to the app so they can’t keep using it.

    Automates Your Business

    Another big feature of Product Dyno is that it’s built to automate your business.

    In fact, the platform integrates with Zapier, which is an automation app that allows you to connect hundreds of other apps and services together.

    You can then automate common marketing tasks (such as social media marketing), customer service processes, analytics, email, and much more.

    Developed by Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason

    If you’ve heard of these two names before, then you know why this is such as advantage. These two professionals have many years of experience building software for marketers, so you can be assured that the platform will continue to evolve and be supported.

    So those are some of the best features of Product Dyno. Is there room for improvement? Take a look…

    Product Dyno {Downsides}

    As I see it, Product Dyno is a very strong competitor in this arena. You’ll find very few platforms that include this many features while still remaining extremely easy to use.

    Nonetheless, one possible downside is that the platform doesn’t include hosted sales pages. From the platform’s perspective, there really is no reason to, since the platform focuses on delivering secure content (which is why they give you the option to host your delivery pages).

    However, beginners without websites who are looking for a fully hosted sales solution will need to connect another service to Product Dyno.

    A second potential downside is that Product Dyno doesn’t include very many templates for your delivery pages.

    However, this appears to only be a temporary problem, as they’re likely going to open this part of the platform up to developers to create more templates.

    So, it may just be just a matter of time before sellers have a wider variety of templates available.

    For now, the templates they do have are very professional and extremely customizable, so they’ll suit most sellers’ purposes. And of course, you always have the option of creating and hosting your own delivery pages, as the templates are just a nice touch and a convenience feature for those who’d rather have Product Dyno host their content.

    The Verdict

    Product Dyno Review So, what’s the bottom line?

    I’ve been working with this platform for a while now, and it’s one of the easiest and most secure ways to bring your digital products to market.

    If you’re tired of people stealing your products and even sharing them with others, this is a really easy way to put a lock on your content.

    If you’re looking for an easier way to string together all the necessary services needed to bring your product to market, this is an excellent management solution.

    If you sell any digital products, from ebooks to membership sites to apps, this is a great way to sell and deliver your products securely. You don’t need any tech knowledge, because it’s all point and click easy to set up and secure the delivery of your products.


    Take a look for yourself here 


    waled badry   

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    Postifluence Review

    Postifluence Review: The Truth About Postifluence


    Do you want free leads and sales all day, every day?

    Would your business love profiting from prospects who visit your website all by themselves, to turn into leads and customers without you having to do anything or spend any money on ads?

    If the answer is yes, then stop everything else and pay careful attention because what you will learn here will set you free from the struggle and the insane expense of finding qualified traffic for your business.


    I am talking about SEO that actually works

    The digital landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years, but SEO still remains an effective and important marketing strategy. 

    While there are many benefits to a good SEO strategy, I have outlined the top 5 to help you understand (or remind you!) why SEO is awesome.


    Increased Traffic

    Top positions on the search engine result pages receive a majority of the impressions and clicks, so ranking in these top positions can result in significant traffic increases for your website.

    SEO also focuses on creating informative and keyword-relevant title tags and meta descriptions, which show up in the result pages.

    Having optimized tags and descriptions helps to increase the click-through rate, which also promotes increases in qualified web traffic.



    SEO provides trackable and quantifiable results, regardless of whether you are an e-commerce or non-e-commerce site so there are no qualms when it comes to ROI.

    SEO agencies are able to track nearly every aspect of their SEO strategy, like increases in rankings, traffic, and conversions.

    Comprehensive analytics also provide the ability to drill down at a granular level and see demographic information and other engagement metrics for individuals who have interacted with your website.

    E-commerce sites, SEO agencies can see which paths users take in order to complete a sale, all the way down to which keyword they used to search for you prior to purchasing.

    For non-E-commerce sites, you can attribute values to your lead conversions, like a ‘contact us’ form fill-out, and calculate the value of your SEO strategy that way.



    SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies because it targets users who are actively looking for your products and services online.

    SEO’s inbound nature helps businesses save money as opposed to outbound strategies like cold-calling.

    While cold-calling can still be an effective strategy, the leads generated cost 61% more than leads generated by an inbound strategy like SEO.

    And since SEO also targets users who are actively searching for products and services like yours, the traffic resulting from SEO is more qualified than many other marketing strategies, resulting in cost-savings for companies.


    Increased site usability

    In an effort to make your website easier to navigate for the search engines, SEO simultaneously helps to make your website more navigable for users as well.

    SEO consists of rearranging the site’s architecture and links to make pages within the website easier to find and navigate.

    This not only makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site and find pages but also makes it easier for users to find information on your website as well.


    Brand Awareness

    Since top position rankings result in significant impressions, having your website in these top positions on the result pages translates to more exposure for your website.

    Plus, being on the first page for your targeted keywords not only helps users to associate your brand with those keywords, but it instills trust since companies on the first page are generally perceived to be more trustworthy.

    The more your pages and content rank in high positions in the search engines, the more chances you have for users to see your content and associate with your brand


    Good SEO can get you high-quality traffic in any niche.

    E-com, services, local businesses, real estate, there’s not a single niche that won’t give you high-profit returns if you get your site to rank.

    SEO is all about backlinks, any amateur SEO practitioner will tell you that, but what they won’t tell you, is that all backlinks are not equal. Google’s AI engine now understands the context of every web page and if your site has backlinks from unrelated, out-of-context web pages, then you won’t get ranked.

    The only good way to do SEO is with do-follow links inside guest posts on high-quality, high-ranking websites.

    This can generate even more traffic than paid traffic from Facebook. Google drives 10x the traffic from Facebook every day to sites just like yours but not yours.


    It’s time to change that

    • It’s time to claim a share of this free, evergreen, ever-growing traffic.
    • It’s time to start building quality backlinks. 
    • It’s time to climb the SERPs and get traffic that doesn’t cost you a cent.

    It’s time… to get Postifluence.


    What is Postifluence?

    Postifluence is the all-new backlink outreach app from Teknikforce. The trusted company that has helped hundreds of thousands of marketers like you succeed with their high tools for nearly a decade now.

    With Postifluence you can do your SEO backlink building from start to finish on full automation. 

    Right from finding the perfect, high-ranking sites that are open to guest posts to getting your message through to the right person and getting the actual backlink placed, Postifluence does everything.

    Postifluence gets you real guest posts and dofollow links, not the pbn, profile posting, or comments tripe that does more damage than good to your rankings.

    All you need to give Postifluence is the keyword or niche and it will find the best-ranking blogs that accept guest posts and links.

    It’ll even give you the traffic estimate, Alexa ranking, email, and phone number of the blog. 

    Just shortlist the blogs you want to target and Postifluence will start off an email outreach campaign, reaching out to the blog admin to convince them to put your blog post there.

    It sends the mail using your Gmail address or through Gsuite or Outlook to make sure you get to the inbox and get a positive response every time.

    Not just Email, Postifluence can also send SMS messages to the blog owner and get you guaranteed attention and positive response. 

    Postifluence uses personalization tech and snippets to make every outreach 100% unique. 

    You can have full automation or full control. You can set it up and let it work, or change anything at any stage. You have full granular control.

    We want you to succeed at SEO, and we are going to make sure we give you every single thing you need to get those results.



    Amazing Features Not Found in Any App Include

    Discover 100s of high-quality blogs and sites in any niche you target.

    Only blogs that actively accept Guest posts and articles as a policy.

    Build listings for free or for pennies. The way is cheaper and more effective than ads.

    Get full contact details of owners, including Contact URL, Email address & even phone number.

    Accurate information about blog ranking, traffic & backlink value.

    The automatic system reaches out to bloggers through Email & SMS.

    An in-built follow-up system will work all by itself to get you that traffic and dofollow link.

    Marketplace lets you connect with other people with guest-posting opportunities.

    Builds you fresh backlinks 24/7. Focus on the things you love, while your site grows.

    Constantly updated records, only have the latest ranking data. You get fresh listings always.

    Maximizes your reach out inboxing with support for SMTP, GMail, Gsuite & Office.

    & so much more like…


    Training Included

    When you get Postifluence, we won’t just give you the software, you will also get top-notch training that will show you how to get the best results from Postifluence so that you can get the maximum number of quality backlinks.

    You’ll learn the best tricks, secrets, and methods to get top rankings.

    Act fast and you will also get a commercial and agency license which authorizes you to use Postifluence for your clients.

    Set up campaigns, get backlinks, and get organic traffic for others. Charge them one-time or a monthly retainer. It’s totally up to you.

    You know customers are hungry for traffic right now. The Pandemic has made classic marketing methods virtually unusable.

    People want to reach more prospects and they are desperate for any way they can do so.

    Just do one search on Fiverr or Freelancer, and you will find tons of SEO and backlink jobs. If you want to create an online agency without hard work, then this is your chance to cash in.

    Don’t wait any longer. The offer does not get any better than this.

    Don’t keep your SEO success waiting.

    Get that powerful app that automates.

    the only correct SEO system.

    Click on the button below and get instant access to your Postifluence right now!


    Get your Postifluence right now


    All about the OTOs

    Postifluence Pro 

    Higher search limits.

    Send more campaign emails.

    Send more SMS messages daily.

    Unlimited campaigns.

    Cheaper credits.

    Marketplace posting rights

    2 Years of upgrade

    And much more

    Postifluence Agency 

    Sell Postifluence yourself and keep all the profits.

    ViralReach Pro 

    Go viral on social media and get traffic to your posts

    CloudFunnels Pro 

    Build powerful landing pages and memberships with the most powerful funnel builder.

    MailEngine Pro 

    Get higher inboxing with the most powerful self-hosted email autoresponder.



    Limited Time Bonus #5

    Free! Powerful Bonus Applications

    Get Postifluence Today & Also Get This Powerful Software That Will Get You More Traffic

    Exclusive Add-ons With Postifluence

    Bonus #1

    WP SEO Track Plugin

    With this simple plugin, you can get a true insight into your web traffic efforts in only seconds! Watch as your social network shares increase, your google PageRank, and more.

    Get a clear vision of what you need to start focusing on with your SEO efforts. Start more effective backlinks from Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more.

    You will get all of the most important stats that you need to know for your SEO web traffic.

    You will be inspired to view the growth of your SEO efforts with the beautifully designed plugin panel.

    Setup inside in any WordPress blog super quickly without touching any other plugin or your current theme.


    Bonus #2


    Boost Your Website Traffic

    Businesses both large and small are always hoping that their target audience will be able to find their site among the thousands of websites they are competing against.

    One of the best ways to do this is to utilize the free and paid methods for boosting website traffic.

    Here’s what you’ll discover when you take this:

    • Learn about the importance of high-quality content, SEO, and web analytics.
    • Discover how to utilize social media networks to gain more followers and direct more traffic to your website.
    • Find out how you can use other websites, forum links, and guest blogging to your advantage.
    • Learn how an email marketing campaign can benefit your site and drive more traffic.
    • Learn about the various paid advertising options that you can use to boost website traffic
    • And much more!


    Bonus #3


    Traffic Secrets Unleashed

    This is a short training that gets straight to the core and reveals super-effective traffic sources for getting huge amounts of traffic.

    You will learn to use the largest, most responsive, supportive, and the best traffic-generating tribe on the internet to reach your goals!


    Bonus #4


    WP SEO Link maker

    Powerful plugin increases your organic traffic by creating automatic internal links based on the keywords you select.

    Creates links automatically to internal articles and helps you get more page views as well as better rankings.


    Bonus #5


    Keywords Goldmine Jeet

    Rank with videos on Google & get more organic leads

    This powerful application tells you which keywords are open for ranking on Google so that you can grab them and build your list without paying for ads.


    Bonus #6


    WP Viral Quiz Jeet

    Create awesome and Instasuite quizzes on your WP site, as Buzzfeed does, but with more features!

    It’s the best and the simplest WordPress quiz plugin ever.


    Bonus #7


    SEO Harvester Jeet

    This fast and user-friendly software application allows you to search for ultra-targeted keywords for your content campaign.

    Get more value with this SEO keyword research tool.



    Get postifluence And All These Bonuses Now


    Extremely Limited Time Bundle Offer (Save Hundreds)

    Hurry! Grab The Special Offer On

    The Entire Postifluence

    Before It Goes Away


    Here Is What Is Included


    waled badry




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    Pay Drill

    Pay Drill Review

    Pay Drill Review – Smart Data Analytics for Paypal Sellers to Make More Sales


    Are you paying an accounting firm to keep track of your PayPal transactions?

    Let’s end that. Here let me show you!

    There are over 179 million PayPal users in the world nowadays, and we are one of them including you. Sellers and Resellers are using it to send and receive money for their products and services. However, there is valuable information that PayPal doesn’t show you at all.

    If you are not now aware of them, here they are:

    1. How much is a customer worth to you?
    2. How many repeat customers do you actually have?
    3. Who is your largest customer & which country are most of your buyers from?
    4. What time do you get most of your sales?
    5. How frequently do your sales come in?

    We have been waiting for these features to be added to PayPal for so long, but it didn’t happen. This could the reason why we are still paying an accounting firm to answer all of these things.

    Well… That ends today. Yes! It definitely will.

    Introducing Pay Drill!

    This is the software we’ve been waiting for. This will uncover all the hidden information that PayPal doesn’t show and give you the metrics you’ve never seen before. Awesome, right?

    Wanna know more? Let’s go read this review!


    Pay Drill Features

    Pay Drill Review



    1. Software for Paypal – Created especially to work with Paypal and make your life easier, see stuff you’ve never seen before with this.
    1. Super Easy & Extremely Fast – Installs and ready to go in under 2 minutes, downloads data seamlessly and gives you faster access to transactions
    1. Metrics You’ll LOVE – See metrics like average value per customer, average order time, order frequency and sales profit/revenues in one view.
    1. Perfect For Buyers & Sellers – Whether you sell online or just use Paypal for purchases, now you can track everything easily. Save Money & Grow Your Business at the same time.
    1. Find Everything Faster – With our dynamic search & filters, never again will you have to wait every time you search for a transaction or a customer, PayDrill gives instant results.
    1. Works Offline Too – PayDrill works right from your desktop and downloads all data on your computer which means you don’t need to be online to find anything or run reports.


    Download PayDrill now!

    How Does It Work?

    You don’t need technical skills to use this. You just need to follow these easy steps:

    Good Points

    1. Save money
    2. User friendly
    3. Gain data to grow your business
    4. Responsive Technical Support

    Bad Points

    1. For PayPal users only
    2. Need fast internet connection to function well
    3. Need to contact support desk if there is an unknown drawback


    Would you still pay an accounting firm after this? Save more money and start growing your business.


    GET Your copy of PayDrill Here!


    waled badry




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    logii Multi Login & Multi Account Browser

    Logii Marketing Browser

    Logii Marketing Browser

    Logii Marketing Browser

    logii Multi Login & Multi Account Browser For Online Marketers

    Run Facebook Ads from multiple ad accounts without getting banned

    Let’s face it, promoting your business online is becoming more and more difficult because of a few bad apples. You might face banned ad accounts, crippling limits on reach and messaging on nearly every social site.

    If you do end up losing your account or access on a platform it is nearly impossible to start over because the platform’s browser fingerprinting systems close down your fresh accounts as soon as you open them.

    The only solution is a multi-account and multi-login browser that can prevent big sites from fingerprinting you and allow you to do multi-account marketing without a problem.

    That’s why a new product recently caught my attention — it’s called Logii - Multi-Login and Anti-Detect Browser.

    In today’s review, we’ll cover what it does, who it’s for, how much it costs, what the upsells are, and the pros and cons of this new tool, so you can make a more informed decision about purchasing it… and if it’s right for you.

    What is Logii Marketing Browser?

    Logii Marketing Browser is a browser specially built for marketing. It allows you to manage multiple accounts and logins safely by running each identity in its own virtual space, isolating it from the other accounts.

    The platform is a perfect replacement for multiple computers or VPSs, that many marketers have been forced to use as a very poor, slow and expensive compromise.

    Logii Browser provides anonymity, complete confidentiality, prevents browser fingerprinting, and allows you to work with multiple accounts at the same time on one computer. 

    - You can run ads from multiple accounts without any problem.

    - You can do Multi-Account marketing securely. You get 100% protection on all social media sites, forum sites & blog sites.

    - Don’t waste money on slow and expensive VPSs. You get secure multi-login browsing right on your computer.

    - Scale your business & earn profits with multi-login marketing. You can run multi-login & multi-account campaigns for yourself or clients.

    The best part is, for each browser profile created in Logii, you have an isolated browser environment for it with its own separate cookies, local storage, and even cache.  There is nothing in common with the other profiles. Now sites that are trying to fingerprint your browser and destroy your business can’t do it anymore.

    Logii has ultimate Anti-Detect protection for your digital marketers like: 

    • - Geo-data protection
    • - IP Protection
    • - Independent Cookies
    • - Language Identity
    • - Protected Audio Identity
    • - Time zone Anti-Detection 
    • - Custom Resolution Setup
    • - WebGL Anti-Detect
    • - IndexedDB Uniquifier
    • - Independent Environment

    Furthermore, with the help of APIs, Logii supports browser extensions. You can save yourself time and stress by automating repetitive tasks. 

    It makes it easier to manage workflow as you can create different browser profiles for different team members. You can even share accounts with your team members without sharing passwords.

    If you want to run campaigns for your clients you can use Logii browser to run their campaigns in protected environments. Don’t let one mistake kill all your clients. 

    Logii is perfect for teams. Work on your campaigns and then let your team members get access with just a click. No sharing of passwords. No logout-login madness. No endless OTPs. Logii is fast, secure, and easy.

    What else can Logii Marketing Browser do?

    Logii is a versatile tool, with tons more features that I found useful. For example, here’s what else Logii can do:

    ⧠ Supports up to 10 accounts running simultaneously.

    ⧠ 100% independent browsing environment for each id.

    ⧠ Share accounts easily with the team without sharing passwords.

    ⧠ Control over all important browsing parameters.

    ⧠ Secure browsing with multi-accounts at the same time.

    ⧠ Low-bandwidth & memory requirements.

    ⧠ Easy to use interface with familiar tools.

    ⧠ Support for separate proxy for each account.

    ⧠ Easy to use browser with all standard features.

    ⧠ Install on up to 3 computers at the same time.

    ⧠ Standards compliant and modern browser.

    ⧠ Fast & easy browsing on your own network or on proxy.

    ⧠ Works with all paid and free proxy systems worldwide.

    ⧠ Has support for extensions.

    ⧠ Perfect for internet marketers who want to do multi-account social media marketing.

    ⧠ Perfect for Agencies who run campaigns for their clients and want to make sure each client is protected and works in his own space.

    ⧠ Perfect for Facebook Group marketing without getting banned.

    ⧠ Powerful browser features, including support for Chrome Extensions.

    ⧠ Login from any country by combining commercial proxies. 

    ⧠ Run ads from multiple ad accounts without getting banned.

    ⧠ Saves time as any monotonous work can be automated. 

    ⧠ Offers an easy-to-understand interface for both professionals and first-time users.

    ⧠ Anti-fingerprint features. Facebook & Google won’t know its traffic from the same source.

    And that’s just the stuff I saw inside the dashboard!

    There are tons of features packed into this tool, making it one of the best multi-profile browser software I’ve seen, but there is one slight negative point which I’ll cover down below.

    Logii Use Cases

    There are so many uses cases for the Logii App, but here are a few:

    E-commerce: You can create multiple merchant accounts on different or the same eCommerce platform. You can do this from one PC with different browser profiles. This helps lessen business-related risks as you’ll have a higher chance of selling products. 

    Social Media Marketing: Work with hundreds of social media accounts simultaneously and optimize marketing strategy. 

    Web Scraping: With Logii virtual profiles, you can run faster web scraping tasks. This is because these virtual profiles consume fewer resources. 

    Advertising Analysis: Control the quality and effectiveness of advertising, compare and analyze advertising effectiveness from profiles with different geo-locations.

    Price comparison: As a buyer or seller, you can compare the price of retail products in different geo-locations. Like the previous case, this requires a proxy for geo-targeting.

    Self-testing: You can test the security and privacy state of your computer using the same computer. With a virtual profile, it will appear like you’re using a different computer.

    Brand Protection: Use different real environments to monitor and prevent anyone from illegally using your brand. 

    Affiliate marketing: To increase your chances of making returns as an affiliate marketer, you can create multiple ad accounts to run multiple campaigns.

    What does it cost?

    Logii is more affordable than any alternative. 8x cheaper than VPS, 10x cheaper than competing multi-login browsers.

    Logii includes powerful training as well. With just a tool you’re only half there. The secret to success is knowing what to do with it.

    When you get Logii, you don’t just get the tool, you also get the roadmap. They will show you what to do with Logii

    Also when you get a Logii browser in the special sale today we will give you a free upgrade to a Commercial license. It authorizes you to run personalization campaigns for other businesses and charge a one-time or recurring fee from them.

    There are so many ways to monetize this. You can recruit clients and sell outreach as a service or even sell leads.

    The Bad

    — So far, there is none.

    The Good

    — Easy to use

    — Glitch free

    —  100% Newbie-Friendly Easy-To-Use Software!

    The Awesome

    — Includes Powerful Training 

    — One-Time Accounts & Agency Rights Included

    — One-time payment only – no monthly fees!

    Free! Powerful Bonus Applications

    Get Logii Today & Also Get These
    Powerful Software That Will Get You
    More Traffic

    Facebook Ad Secrets
    Titan Anti-spam & Security
    WP Content Spread
    Social Media Marketing Revolution
    Social Traffic Plan
    Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics
    SEO Harvester Jeet


    Get All These Bonuses Now

    Offer Valid Only Till The Launch Sale

    Hurry : One-Time Price With Commercial License


    Thank you so much for reading my Logii Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. 

    There has been plenty of multi-login and anti detect browser software in the past, but I haven’t seen any that make the entire process as smooth and quick as Logii. It’s surprisingly glitch-free (most low-priced tools like this are buggy as hell) and it’s packed with some really cool features.

    Logii is a “must-have” tool for all privacy-conscious users, as well as online marketing, web data mining, and web PR professionals. Logii provides anonymity, complete confidentiality, replaces browser fingerprints, and allows you to work with multiple accounts at the same time on one computer. 

    For each browser profile created in Logii, you have an isolated browser environment for it with its own separate cookies, local storage, and even cache. 

    There is nothing in common with the other profiles. Now sites that are trying to fingerprint your browser and destroy your business can’t do it anymore. 

    The icing on the cake is the commercial license which is included. Normally vendors charge extra for this, so it’s a huge value-added bonus. The additional provided done-for-you agency website is just over-delivery.

    The best part is when you get Logii, you don’t just get the tool, you also get the roadmap. They will show you what to do with Logii to get your audience begging to buy from you. The training is included with the front-end so every buyer gets it. 

    Logii has been developed by Cyril Gupta, who is a well-known internet entrepreneur and best seller, with over ten years of experience, and has previously created worldwide hits such as Adplify, CloudFunnels, CourseFunnels, Webinarloop, Mailengine, and many more. 

    The best part is they always maintain and grow their software. So you can look forward to increased functionality and support for more features in the coming months.

    He’s known for creating high-quality professional solutions and I expect no less from SellitPics. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

    Extremely Limited Time Bundle Offer (Save Hundreds)

    Hurry! Grab The Special Offer On

    The Entire Logii Browser Funnel

    Before It Goes Away

    waled badry

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    Leadono Collect Emails With A Touch Or A Click

    Leadono Smart Technology Review

    Leadono Smart Technology Review

    Groundbreaking Smart LDO Technology Finally Allows You To Effortlessly Capture Verified Emails With Just A Touch or Click & Grow Your List Virally On Autopilot

    Auto build Subscribers List From Social Platforms Users
    and From Apple & Cream-Of-The-Top Amazon Buyers.


    World's First Leads Automation App With LDO Technology


    Simple 3 Step Process - No Prior Experience Required


    Automatically Sync Leads With Major Autoresponders


    Capture Verified Emails With A Touch or A Click


    Boost Results With Smart Email Reminders


    Replace Outdated Opt-In Forms With Smart Buttons


    Utilize Incentivised Viral Referral Traffic System


    Add Content In Any Language. Use App In 9 Languages


    Cloud Software, nothing to download or install


    Includes FREE Software Updates

    Here’s how easy Leadono is to use:

    Step 1
    Step 2
    Step 3

    Step 1

    Login To Your Account

    Step 2

    Create A Campaign

    Step 3

    Share Or Promote Your Link.

    That’s it. Those 3 steps is all it takes for you to have a stunning link hub page producing amazing results for you.

    Auto build Subscribers List

    Are you ready to discover the first to market groundbreaking solution with proprietary LDO technology, which finally allows you to skyrocket your list’s size by capturing verified emails with just a touch or a click, and growing it virally on autopilot at the same time?

    If so, I'm about to show you how you can autobuild subscribers list even without a website, and easily capture people's emails from both social platform users and cream-of-the-top amazon buyers with a touch or click.

    Auto build Subscribers List

    Verified & Automatically Synced

    Verified & Automatically Synced

    And because LDO technology does all the heavy lifting for you, it is mathematically almost impossible for you to not get any email subscribers from social, apple, and amazon platforms.

    PLUS - all the emails you collect will be already verified and automatically synced to your autoresponder account.

    Access To The Most Powerful
    Free Traffic Source On The Internet

    On top of that, you will also get direct access to the most powerful free traffic source on the internet - incentivised referral traffic.

    And don’t worry, it does not include you doing anything taxing, tiresome, or boring.

    Because of our proprietary LDO technology, anyone can skyrocket the speed of building the list with touch or click email capture and viral incentivised referral traffic.

    Access To The Most Powerful Free Traffic Source On The Internet

    Email List Is The Single Most Important Business Asset, But There is A Big Problem Almost Nobody Is Talking About

    Email List Is The Single Most Important Business Asset

    Email list is the single most important business asset you need to succeed online.

    Unless you are a SEO guru or a celebrity, it is almost impossible to make dependable sales or affiliate commissions without an email list.

    The big problem with building the list nowadays is that it is extremely hard if you do it in the old way.

    People Really Hate The Effort
    Of Filling Forms On The Phone

    Those days when you could just slap opt in form on the page and have most people excited to fill it up and submit are long gone.

    It gets even worse because of the fact that more than half of all website traffic comes from people browsing on their phones.

    People really hate the effort of filling forms on the phone, because they have to painstakingly type everything on a small keyboard which is prone to create touch errors and resulting misspells.

    People Really Hate The Effort Of Filling Forms On The Phone

    Mainstreet Companies Do Whatever It Takes To Relieve People From Typing On The Phone

    Mainstreet Companies Do Whatever It Takes To Relieve People From Typing On The Phone

    This is why pretty much all the mainstreet companies allow people to signup and login to their website with just a touch of the button instead of typing anything.

    There are mind blowing researches showing how much results improve when the traditional signup and login are switched to touch access for mobile users.

    Some companies even went so far that they text you a login link, so all you need to do is just touch on the link in a text message to be logged in into their website.

    Who Is Leadono For?

    Who Is Leadono For

    Stop Losing More Than Half Of Subscribers

    Those companies did not invest in technology and bear the continuous cost of sending text messages, without the great results helping them keep people coming back to their website.

    Since even the biggest brands need to have touch only sign ups and logins for phone users, imagine how much harder it would be to convince people to fill opt-in form on some unknown website they see for the first time in their lives.

    You could easily be losing half of subscribers just because they visit your website on the phone.

    Stop Losing More Than Half Of Subscribers

    Mistyped, Fake & Throw Away Email Addresses 

    Are Dangerous For Your Business

    Mistyped, Fake & Throw Away Email Addresses Are Dangerous For Your Business

    While it is easier for people to type name and email on a desktop, you are still facing an uphill battle, not only because some people will just not take the effort, but many are entering either fake, mistyped or throw away email addresses.

    Mistyped, fake and throw away email addresses not only bring you nothing, but they are plain and simply dangerous for your business.

    One of the main reasons your email broadcast ends up in a spam folder is when unopened emails rate passes a threshold.

    Do Not The Spam Folder

    Disaster Happen To You

    Do Not The Spam Folder

    If you pass that threshold, all your emails land in the spam folder which is a surefire way that almost nobody will see them.

    Those bad emails also can cause you problems with your autoresponder service provider, and because email delivery is critical to their business, they may terminate your account to protect their other customers.

    This Is What You Are Losing
    With Traditional Opt-in Forms

    There is no doubt that by using traditional opt-in forms you start from possibly losing half of people just because they visit your page on a phone, then you lose all those who do not feel like taking the effort to type on a desktop, then you not only lose all those who type fake, misspelled, and throw away email address, but you risk all your emails landing in spam folder, and your autoresponder being shut down.

    With all those problems it is no wonder that most people fail to build the list if they use traditional opt in forms.

    This Is What You Are Losing With Traditional Opt-in Forms

    Building The List The Old Way Is So Extremely Hard

    Building The List The Old Way Is So Extremely Hard

    They fail because building the list the old way is so extremely hard, that reaching even moderate success seems unachievable.

    It is one of the many reasons why those advertisers who send traffic directly to the traditional opt-in page can easily lose their shirt instead of profit from ads.

    This is probably why I have not seen recently any single advertisement promoting traditional opt in page, which makes sense if you think about it.

    No Matter How Good Your Marketing Is, You Are Losing Big When You Force People To Type

    No matter how good your marketing is, the sad reality is that with traditional opt-in pages you are losing big.

    You are losing subscribers, you are losing sales, you are losing affiliate commissions, you are losing on emails delivery, and on top of that, you may even lose your autoresponder account if you are not careful.

    Bottom line is that with old types of opt-in forms you are wasting most of your traffic and potentially pushing your business straight into the abyss.

    No Matter How Good Your Marketing Is, You Are Losing Big When You Force People To Type

    With Leadono’s LDO Technology You Can:

    With Leadono’s LDO Technology You Can 1
    With Leadono’s LDO Technology You Can 2

    Leadono Smart Technology Is Solving The Biggest Problem Everyone Doing Business On The Internet Has

    Leadono Is Solving The Biggest Problem Everyone Doing Business On The Internet Has

    After facing that problem ourselves, we knew that there had to be a better way and the Leadono idea was born.

    Leadono’s LDO technology is solving the biggest problem everyone doing business on the internet has, which is enabling you to collect subscribers from mobile traffic, significantly boosting your list growth from desktop visitors, and protecting you from fake, mistyped, and throw away email addresses.

    Harnesses The power Of The Fact That People Are Already Logged In To Social Platforms

    Leadono is designed to enable every visitor to push their verified email to your list with a touch or click, and without typing anything.

    As simple as that. The concept is simple, but how can you even do it?

    Leadono is a cloud-based software, which harnesses the power of the fact that most visitors are already logged in to one or more social platforms, apple, or amazon accounts.

    Harnesses The power Of The Fact That People Are Already Logged In To Social Platforms

    Enables People To Just Touch o Click A Button

    Enables People To Just Touch o Click A Button

    It enables people to just touch or click a button for the platform they want to use in order to access whatever you have for them.

    Leadono’s smart LDO technology automatically rearranges the buttons to show platforms that your visitors are already logged into on top, so they can easily choose which one they want to use.

    All your visitors need to do in order to get on your list, is to choose a platform, and then touch or click on the Continue button.

    As Easy To Subscribe As It Gets

    And that’s it, after people touch or click on the continue button, their verified email is pushed from the platform they use to your Leadono account, and then synced to your autoresponder.

    LDO technology goes even further, and allows you to post special links on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn which allows people to subscribe to your list right there and then without even having to leave the platform.

    Since for those 3 platforms the continue button shows right inside of them, it makes it even easier for people to get on your list because they do not have to leave anywhere to subscribe.

    As Easy To Subscribe As It Gets

    Automatically Sync Leads With the Major Autoresponders

    Automatically Sync Leads With the Major Autoresponders

    Leadono natively supports a large number of autoresponders with direct integrations, as well as Zapier to integrate with almost any autoresponder you want.

    It even gives you the ability to use html form integration to connect to obscure or custom autoresponders.

    On top of that, you can also download a file with all your subscribers at any time, and upload it to an autoresponder of your choice. Leadono’s one touch or click opt in can literally send your results soaring sky high.

    Collect Amazon Buyers’ Emails

    Although collecting email subscribers from facebook, twitter, linkedin, gmail, microsoft, and yahoo is very lucrative all by itself, Leadono also gives you the ability to collect emails from both cream-of-the-top amazon buyers and apple users with a touch or click. Did you know that Amazon affiliate program pays you commission from all the products people purchase within a 24 hours period after clicking on your affiliate link?

    It means that no matter which product you promote, you will be paid commission from all other products they buy during the entire day.

    Collect Amazon Buyers’ Emails

    Here’s Why Leadono Is Right For Your Business...

    Here’s Why Leadono Is Right For Your Business

    Repeatedly Earn Commissions From Amazon

    Repeatedly Earn Commissions From Amazon

    If you want, with Leadono you can create a separate amazon only campaign, and connect its autoresponder, you set aside for just amazon buyers.

    Imagine sending emails repeatedly to those amazon buyers, and having a real chance of collecting fat commissions from amazon every time you send an email.

    Now, let me tell you how you can profit from apple users in the easiest way possible.

    Make Commissions From
    Applease Users App Installs

    You see, there are pay per install networks who are paying commissions for apps installed from your referral link.

    Similar to Amazon, Leadono allows you to create a campaign for just Apple users, and connect it to an autoresponder you dedicated for them.

    After you have a list with just Apple users, your path to earn commissions from app installs becomes widely open.

    Make Commissions From

    Smart Reminder Pop Ups

    Boost Your Results Even Higher

    Smart Reminder Pop Ups  Boost Your Results Even Higher

    While making it touch or click easy to get on your list is already a game changer, you can boost opt in rates even further with a reminder system. Ledono allows you to embed smart reminder pop ups on your website.

    Smart popup can either show on exit intent, when a visitor is about to leave, or after they scroll down to some percent of your page, or just after they are viewing the page for some specific time.

    Visitors can pick up the date and time they want to be reminded, and Leadono will send them an email reminder with the link so they can continue where they left off.

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple & Amazon

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple & Amazon

    Collect Emails With A Touch Or A Click

    To recap, you will be able to collect emails with a touch or click from facebook, twitter, linkedin, gmail, yahoo, microsoft, apple, and the biggest ecommerce company on the planet - amazon.

    To collect leads you can either use great looking Leadono landing pages, special links for subscribing right inside Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or get a code to embed Leadono lead capture buttons directly on your website or blog.

    Not only are Leadono’s landing pages super easy to make, but they look stunning out of the box.

    Collect Emails With A Touch Or A Click

    Effortless Customization Technology

    Effortless Customization Technology

    And top of that, you can make those pages even more alluring and unique with effortless customization technology.

    You can customize the content of the page, how the text looks, background color, and add a background image.

    The content you add to the pages can be written in any language, so you can even create separate campaigns to use for different countries in their own languages.

    Special, Limited Time, Deal For Early  Adopters

    waled badry
    Waled Badry

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    How To Generate a Passive Income with NFT's

    How To Generate a Passive Income with NFT’s

    How To Generate a Passive Income with NFT's


    Spent $11 and Generated $3,043… multiple times!

    The Story On How NFTS Cracked Was Created : 

    Back on August 31...about 7 months ago, I started my journey into the NFT space.  During that time, I opened up a door to a universe that reminded me of the time when I discovered Affiliate Marketing. 

    I got excited because it was something new, and I walked in that space, through a course I got access to back then, which kinda opened up my eyes a bit about this space.  The course itself was a little basic. Left me wanting to learn more, and so I started that journey into learning.   What I like to do, is always get the information, then I start creating my own strategies that fit my needs.   Not someone else..but mine. 

    How Will I pursue this method to make it profitable for me without having to depend on someone else's strategy?   I love making my own strategies, as this makes it always unique, and also makes me an authority in this space if it works. 

    So I started to test things out.  I started testing various methods I was learning, but I also mix and matched many of these methods to create my method of finding RARE NFT images, at low costs, we are talking $11 low costs, that could make someone earn $3,000 from just one Image you post and sell on the secondary marketplaces. 

    During this time, I was Scammed as well.  I made some silly mistakes, and I learned from my mistakes and became better at them.

    I really loved the Solana network as it was such a profitable network since the GAS fees there are minimal.  a few dollars, and not hundreds, as the ETH Marketplaces (i.e  open sea, etc.)

    Not only was it affordable, but it was way too much fun, going around using my own blueprint finding projects and collections that could bring me riches   So the first 3 months, I was highly addicted... like seriously addicted to purchasing and purchasing, that my crypto wallet started to deplete ...I had to stop.  And I did.  I actually avoided anything that had to do with NFTs for a while. I'm talking maybe about 2 months.  I avoided it as a plague or covid... now.. because well... FOMO Rules this world lol.   (fear of losing out ) is really huge in this space.   And I had to stop myself.  

    ....but guess what happened during that time of going through my withdrawals? 

    I was making money! and I didn't even know.  

    So the situation was, after buying so many collections, that about maybe 70% were worthless... as of now... the 30% suddenly became WORTH something!  I'm talking 3k and Up for each image I had.    Interesting. 

    I remember minting that certain collection I purchased, for about 0.01 Solanas....they wanted to mint them for free... so I got a few.  

    Then I had another collection where I paid about $35 dollars to pick up a couple of images as well.   All is good. 

    When I got scammed though and lost about 8 Solanas, the community gave back to me FREE NFTs.   and these free NFTs turned out to be VALUABLE as the collections that I got these NFTs from were successful!  

    Suddenly I had about 8 images or so... which I was able to flip each image no less than 10 Solanas, and 20 Solanas.   The maximum amount I was able to sell an image was 20 Solanas (around 3,000 during December-January when Solana was at $200) ..right now it's around $100.. but still...     I generated over 20k in profit from a mere few hundred I spent entirely on collections that are still worthless right now.   But I'm not giving up, they could be something sometime later. Who knows. this space changes so fast, I'm ok with that. 

    So over 20k from flipping images, I purchased for about $11 or free?  holy sh... this is bank!  but also RISKY!   but the rewards, are HUGE.  

    Now fast forward today.   I started posting some proof of results about my results on my personal wall.   and started to see a lot of people engaging with my posts.   Wanting to learn more... and I didn't think that it was such a big deal   So I put a question out to my list, and they went crazy, telling me how they wanted me to create a course sharing my blueprint on the results I've had with NFL's up until now. 

    I know what it means, for someone that hasn't got the budget to get started.  I know.   That's why I was able to put together, a course that will take you by the hand, and show you all the possible ways you can bank with NFTs using the exact strategy I used to get the profitable NFTs I had at hand.   I'm sharing everything, from how you find these NFTs, to how you purchase, how to mint, how to fund, how to not spend more than 11 bucks to earn 3,000.  I show you all the tips the secrets, and I've put this all in a course where I have a funnel that is meaningful.   

    I created NFT's Cracked to share with the world, how to get into the NFT space learn how to flip images for profit or hold for passive income.

    The Following Are Included When You Invest In NFT's Cracked Today:

    Inclusion #1:



    NFT’s Cracked is based on my real results with flipping NFTs and holding NFTs for passive income.  I have a 3 step strategy I use where I rinse and repeat and my rewards are high when my collections go up. Learn how I uncover winning collections and how I find cheaper mints or free mints for maximum ROI.

    Inclusion #2:

    Discover Top Upcoming NFT Collections

    Discover Top Upcoming NFT Collections

    Use the training and the free software to discover which next NFT you should get into.  We will be scraping the next top collection using the free tools included inside NFT’s Cracked.

    Inclusion #3:

    Software to uncover RARE NFTs for the Lowest Price

    Software to uncover RARE NFT's for the Lowest Price

    Gain valuable insights into your competition with the ability to view a list of NFTs based on rank.   Many NFTs are out there which have attributes that are very rare, however, the owner of these NFTs isn’t aware.  See how you can uncover and pull them from under them instantly owning them into your wallet.

    Inclusion #4:

    Step By Step Guide, Video Training and Blueprint

    NFT's Cracked Premium Training Academy

    NFT’s Cracked Premium Training Academy

    Get bonus access to our exact blueprint to making sales through this simple strategy taught inside NFL’s Cracked.

    This is a beginner-friendly training course consisting of over-the-shoulder videos, designed to get you started as a total newbie in this Crypto Driven NFT space.

    All training is over the shoulder, take you by the hand, making it really stupid easy for anyone to get started today!

    The course is covered in 13 Videos:

    NFTS Cracked Method has been tested for about 12 months, tweaking and finding the best and fastest method to find NFTS images which are rare, which I can afford to jump on, either free or through the mint, and able to sell and flip at the right time, for 4 figures each time.

    Results after only spending $35 for An NFT
    Results after only spending $35 for An NFT3


    NFT's Cracked Front End

    NFT’s Cracked [Front End]

    Inside, will be able to get access to training on how to how to utilize the power of discovering how to find rare NFT images, for free, that you can either hold for passive incomed or quickly sell for Maximum ROI.  I give you all the tools and exact blueprint to help you through your NFT Journey to Profits.  This will help anyone get started with NFTs. Any sex or age can actually pull this off.  Inside the Main Training in NFTS Cracked you also get real case studies which brought me the results you see on my sales page.  I have spent $11 and generated over 3,000$ in profit from just flipping rare NFT images.  The rest of my profits were from FREE NFTs I got and was able to resell for profits. I share everything inside.  You will be able to follow this campaign and replicate everything we have inside. This is risk-free but also, rewarding and affordable for ANYONE to get started.

    NFTS Cracked PRO OTO 1

    NFTS Cracked PRO [ OTO 1 ]

    In NFTs Cracked, I go over other marketplaces for 10x profits margins. I will be taking users by the hand and getting them acquainted with the ETH Blockchain and marketplaces which could bring in high rewards.  This is for the investor, the risk-taker, the one that wants to actually succeed with NFTs for the long run.  The one that trusts the space and is excited about what the future lies.

    In this training module, users will learn all the free tools and software’s I’m using to uncover top-performing collections, rare images, and collections that could bring us a passive income.

    Users will also be able to flip for huge profits as this market is so volatile, but also very rewarding.

    I help users find methods to not spend high fees on gas fees.  I show users how to get into projects that are affordable and could also be life-changing if they go well.

    NFTS Cracked INNER Circle OTO 2

    NFTS Cracked INNER Circle [OTO 2]

    The NFT Cracked Inner Circle Club is a closed community with access to handpicked NFT collections with high ROI, unique tips and strategies for NFT flipping, research tools for picking projects, and many other things! The contents are updated weekly, and monthly. You are going to want to be part of this special feature, as it will save you a lot of time and effort!

    The NFTs Cracked Inner Circle is a closed community of top-tier investors who have exclusive access to the most lucrative NFT projects and ongoing education and support.

    Members will receive tips, tricks, and strategies that have generated massive profits in the past, as well as a constantly updated list of the most promising NFT projects updated every month.  With this invaluable information, you’ll be able to confidently invest in tomorrow’s hottest NFT Collections.

    Weekly Q&A’s: Inside the private group I have for us you will be able to ask me questions and I’ll be able to provide you with answers to your issues or things you want to discuss in the NFTverse.

    NFT Project Reviews: I’ll be covering collections that I’m finding based on the most popular NFTs releasing soon.

    NFT BUY and Sell Updates: I’ll be covering collections that I’m investing in and allowing you to do the same during the time I’m minting. So you’ll always be updated on what I’m doing.

    Suggested Video Topics: Want me to create content for you? Please let me know the topic you want me to go through and I’ll create a video training on your choosing that is related to the NFT space.

    Launch Calendar (weekly updates) :

    I’m providing you with a monthly calendar and update on which projects you need to be looking into.

    All updated based on my insider tips from other paid groups I’m part of. So the information shared here is legit and could be life-changing for you.

    Get Started Now: Just Single Fee For Lifetime Access

    Hurry! This special launch discount is only available for a limited time.

    waled badry

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    Funnel Mates

    Funnel Mates Review And Bonus

    Funnel Mates Review

    Funnel Mates Review And Bonus: Funnel Builder That Pays You To Use 


    Most people that have tried to start making money online have bought into the promises of the various ‘Make Money Online’ products and know that unfortunately, the vast majority of them fail to deliver.

    Leaving them feeling frustrated, broke, and on the verge of giving up.

    Now don’t get me wrong, there are some great products that actually do work and the only reason people have failed after buying them is that they haven’t taken action.

    I can go on about this point forever but I’ll save it for another time.

    Having been in that position of buying crappy products and feeling extremely overwhelmed…

    It is refreshing to see a new software by Cindy Donovan which has just launched and it’s called Funnel Mates which now makes it possible for complete beginners to crush it online.

    Funnel Mates is a smart drag and drop funnel builder with all the features that click funnels, lead pages, etc. have!

    But there’s even more… Funnel Mates creates VIRAL funnels, so you can build massive lists and get extreme amounts of traffic.

    Calling it a funnel builder doesn’t do this justice. 

    With Funnel Mates you can activate a complete affiliate funnel with:

    • Designed landing page giving away a lead capture magnet
    • Designed funnel pages including thank you, confirmation, and downloads
    • With perfectly tailored niche targeted, high paying ads
    • All sales copy written for you
    • 30 days of emails written for you, scheduled and automated
    • Promoting high converting, high paying products
    • Your affiliate links in ALL the emails, on the pages … everywhere

    Complete. Automated. All in 27 seconds flat. Which is amazing, to begin with. Sure.

    But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When I found out what they’ve REALLY created I knew I just had to tell you about it.

    This cloud-based SaaS gives beginners completely done-for-you lead capture, and affiliate funnels.

    Pages are built (and hosted), emails written and queued (with their affiliate links embedded), and traffic tools are at the ready.

    Each funnel contains ENDLESS handwritten promotions by our team, promoting top-selling offers on JVZoo, W+, CB, Thrivecart, Shopify, Amazon, and more.

    In ANY niche. BUT – This goes even further! Newbies will love that instant gratification feeling of having a funnel ready SUPER quick.

    However… the funnels they’re activating are cleverly created by other members of FunnelMates using our drag-n-drop affiliate funnel creator.

    Whenever someone activates one of their funnels, they’ll get paid CASH!

    Yes! There’s a HUGE collection of these one-click automated funnels in a LOT of niches But, that collection keeps growing because of this incredible twist.

    Funnel Mates gives you full access to their drag and drop funnel builder Letting you build massive lists and/or even sell these for profit!

    YES! You can activate these done for your funnels, but you can also:

    • Build your own lead capture funnels in any niche
    • Automatically make sales for any offer you can imagine
    • Get paid commissions on JVZoo, Clickbank, WarriorPlus, ThriveCart, Shopify, or ANY platform you like (or all of them at once!)

    You can use the funnels for yourself (private use) Or list them in the Funnel Mates store – and when someone activates your funnel?

    You’ll get paid. In cash. Deposited to your Paypal or via wire transfer. This is insane.

    Deciding to “Funnel Mates” your business means discarding the old “build-a-website-and-get-traffic” model and instead focus your attention on the only aspects of your business that get more sales and more leads…

    FUNNEL MATES includes detailed case studies showing your tribe how Gary Alach has built these funnels to multiple 4, 5, and 6 figure sales machines.

    All while starting with the same tools any beginner has immediate access to.

    Beginner marketers will find incredible value in the funnels teaching how to grow and monetize your list,

    while advanced business owners will see high-ticket funnels breakdown to get, increase, and sustain long-term sales.

    FUNNEL MATES includes over 30 videos, PDFs, cheatsheets, group support, and more explaining WHY these funnels work, HOW your tribe can create them for themselves,

    WHAT to do with them once they’ve created one, and where to deploy them for maximum engagement and subscribers.

    The creators explain free traffic strategies from a beginners perspective, paid traffic from an intermediate perspective, and advanced retargeting traffic strategies.

    So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this Funnel Mates Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

    KEY FEATURES For Funnel Mates

    Everything you need to get free viral traffic & sales is included! They give you the farm & more…

    New Funnel Mates cloud software:

    brand new first-of-its-kind beginner-friendly software lets you instantly deploy 100% done-for-you funnels for free viral traffic & sales in 60 seconds.

    Step-by-step video tutorials: 

    The included video training teaches you how to make sure the done-for-you funnels effortlessly produce traffic, leads, and sales for you.

    Quick start guide:

    if you don’t like going through video’s don’t worry, they have you covered with a quick start guide that just shows you how to fire up Funnel Mates to get free traffic & sales pouring in, in 60 seconds or less.

    Here’s Exactly What You Get inside the builder

    Cloud Hosted Funnel Templates: 

    Select your lead capture funnel type (standard, video, webinar, review, quiz, or social) and then choose which of those templates you’d like to use. FunnelMates will automatically install landing, thank you. confirmation, and download pages for you ready to customize.

    Classic Lead Magnet Funnels:

    Choose these for traditional style lead funnels. Give away an incentive and automatically deliver the offer along with relevant affiliate promotions.

    Video Lead Funnels: 

    These funnel templates are designed with engaging video in mind, so you can embed your video and capture attention faster.

    Webinar Lead Funnels: 

    Promoting high ticket webinars while still being able to capture leads is now a cinch, connect using our webinar integrations to let affiliates promote your webbie and build lists.

    Review Lead Funnels: 

    Create product reviews or bonus pages with the option to link directly to the offer as well as having them subscribe to your

    Quiz Lead Funnels: 

    Entice your webpage, visitors, onto your lists with these clever quiz-style landing page funnels having them opt-in to get their results.

    Social Lead Funnels: 

    Use these funnels to create lead capture pages for share-worthy content. using curiosity and education to cleverly guide your website visitors onto your email lists.

    Click & Edit, Drag & Drop: 

    Editing is as simple as clicking to open the settings and changing things however you like.

    Animate Your Elements: 

    Every piece of your page can use attention-grabbing animation to make your page look professional and noticeable.

    Affiliate Network Integrations: 

    Choose an offer from any of our connected networks and well specifically code the links so that when a member activates your funnel. It automatically adds their affiliate links.

    DFY Email Sequence Templates: 

    When using our email builder you’ll find a collection of handcrafted templates for any mood, style, or requirement. Just fill in the blanks and it’s done, set up, and ready for delivery!

    Easy Link Management: 

    Set up your download and affiliate links in our easy-to-use link management dashboard.

    Funnel Request Board: 

    We’ve made it easy by adding a funnel request form in our members’ area. Members can suggest niches and offer lead magnet giveaways to create funnels with buyers all ready to hand over the cash. Find resources and more in your dashboard.

    Buyers With Money To Burn. 

    we’re giving all of our members (you too…!) money to spend, that unlocks these powerful, profitable instant funnels in the FunnelMates marketplace. They’re excited to start building lists and have funds at their fingertips. There’s no need to entice people or convince them to buy. You have a targeted audience, with money ready to spend on exactly what they want to buy – so give it to them!

    Connect With Your Buyers: 

    You’ll see each transaction in your sales history with links to every person who’s activated your funnel (either free or paid). You can connect with them in our chat groups. You could even message your previous buyers to let them know you’re releasing a new funnel!

    OR Get ‘Paid’ Subscribers! 

    You can choose to give away your funnels to our members and instead of having them pay you for using your funnel, they’ll share their leads.

    Set & Forget Leads & Sales: 

    The more you build, the more sales you’ll get. Each funnel you build and list for sale will be added to your profile, creating your own agency-style page. When a member loves one of your funnels and you have more in your style to offer, think they’ll want to buy more? Heck yeah!

    Now you can build a profitable list and earn commissions in any niche with Funnel Mates’s amazing features:

    Funnel Mates Beginner Friendly 27 Second Activation (No Editing!) 

    Our average person, completely new to the system has their entire account set up, branded, and profit ready in just 27 seconds.

    There’s no editing code. no designing pages. no tricky configurations.

    Everything is done in your easy-to-use member’s dashboard.

    Funnel Mates COME WITH High Converting Landing Pages With Targeted Lead Magnets That Pull In Subscribers Like Crazy! 

    Our constantly growing collection of high converting squeeze pages come with a custom-created lead magnet, offering anything from reports, software, or coupons to free trials, consultations, and entire membership giveaways.

    Funnel Mates Fully Integrated Funnel That Generates Sales On Autopilot: 

    Once people subscribe to receive their lead magnet gift they will go through our TESTED and PROVEN funnel complete with

    Thank you Page, confirmation, and download pages.

    It’s already set up for you. Each of these pages is highly optimized.

    Funnel Mates No Setup Needed, With Everything Hosted For You At No Extra Cost: 

    You don’t need to install or configure anything.

    We host all your pages and run the high converting autoresponder follow-up system for you. at no cost.

    Funnel Mates Hosted Email Software & (Optional) Autoresponder Integration: 

    Your new subscribers are added to a list we’ve created for you, delivering high converting prewritten emails on autopilot.

    However, if you’d like to have a copy of your subscribers also added to your own email sequences you can! Simply connect your autoresponder of choice, choose the list you’d like us to add them to, and if is done!

    Unlimited Subscribers: 

    You’ll never run out of space or be forced to pay extra once your subscriber count is really pumping and your business is really taking off.

    No limits, ever.

    Unlimited Professionally Written Follow-Up Emails With Funnel Mates:

    Once people are on the list they will be tagged to your affiliate ID for life!

    We will send them professionally written follow up emails promoting solid evergreen products and exciting new launches in their targeted niche

    Funnel Mates Automatically Earn Income From Multiple Affiliate Networks: 

    You are able to see commissions from JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, PayKickstart, ThriveCart, Amazon, Shopify,

    And MANY More On complete autopilot with sales and commissions sent directly to your own account no middleman cut.

    1-Click Automatically Customized Traffic Toolkit: 

    Each unlocked funnel comes packed with a customized affiliate toolkit that’s as easy as copy-paste or in some cases, click and share.

    100’s Of Niches Or Funnels By Request: 

    Simply select one of our profit funnels to get started.

    They cover almost all niches and product types.

    If you can’t find something to fit your needs, fill out a funnel request form in your member’s dashboard!

    All requests are considered and made available to our growing funnel-building team.

    Add Your Own Scripts: 

    Our easy script integration gives you full flexibility over your funnel pages, without having to deal with any page editing.

    Use Your Own Domain Name:

    When you receive the link to your funnel you can choose from a regular funnel mates link, a shortened/shareable version

    – or you can add your own custom domain name.

    Click Tracking & Statistics: 

    Each funnel comes with a cleverly built tracking system.

    Simply add any keyword to the end of your funnel link and we’ll go to work for you, giving you a breakdown of unique clicks and signups for each of your traffic sources.

    Peer-Reviewed Rating System: 

    Our internal rating review system allows members to share their experience, post their star ratings and let you find the perfect funnel that fits your needs.

    Mac, PC & Mobile Friendly: 

    Activating and setting up your profit funnels is quick and easy and can be done from literally anywhere.

    Funnel Mates GDPR Compliant: 

    All of your funnels contain automatic GDPR compliant code, detecting the location of your website viewer and displaying relevant GDPR checkboxes and text.

    Let’s take a look at why Funnel Mates is better than all the other funnel builders you bought before!

    • Development Took 12 Months & $10,000+
    • 100+ Beta Testers Tested It, To Ensure It’s Perfect For You
    • All Funnel Builders Are Monthly, Funnel Mates Is A 1-Time Price
    • Comes Complete With Thorough Video Training
    • Includes More Than 30+ Beautiful, Customizable Templates
    • Preloaded With Ready-To-Use Products
    • Built-In Funnels That Are Ready To Make You Sales!
    • 1-Click Traffic Feature To Get You Real FREE Viral Traffic
    • Completely Customizable Or Just Click, Select & Enjoy Traffic & Sales

    One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees

    Instant Funnels + Funnel Builder + FunnelMates Cash + VIP’s Bonus

    Click Here To Claim Your FunnelMates Access Now!



    If you’re searching for a ready-made get paid solution, then I may just have found the one.

    This money maker has been one of the most successful software used by a small inner circle this year.

    Why the heck would you work for someone else, when you can spend just minutes per day earning from this exact method?

    It is the easiest way that anyone can start earning a comfortable living from home.

    I’ve never seen anything like this before! It is a method that allows you to instantly tap into it to get FREE traffic & sales in as little as 60 seconds.

    Without a funnel in your business, you’re taking a shotgun approach and just “hoping” you get sales. Funnel Mates helps you solve this problem.

    Let’s take a look at how using just 1 massively simple funnel can cause huge growth for you:

    • Significant Increase in Sales – Even if you’ve never made a sale before!
    • Automation from the first page of your funnel to your last
    • ROI like you’ve never experienced with old-school “shotgun” marketing
    • Brand Awareness if you’re a coach or consultant, be everywhere your customers are
    • Recurring Revenue from testing a funnel once, and continuing to send more traffic to it

    Don’t forget, Funnels aren’t just for sales…

    Do you have a YouTube channel? A Facebook group? A Membership site? A Software? Funnels are great for getting more of what whatever is going to move your business forward.

    Whatever a lead looks like for, or however you see value in your business, a funnel can help you get there…

    With Funnel Mates, you’ll work whenever you want, for as long as you like.

    You’re in complete control. I just got off a call with an old partner, who revealed he’s having great success with Cindy’s new software.

    Today you’re getting access to an awesome machine to earn consistent sales every week.

    If you’ve been struggling to find a quick-start strategy for making your first profits online, you’ll love this!

    There’s nothing better than having one-click software that chucks out commissions like clockwork.

    Do you remember the 80’s film … Based in Australia, had a lot of crocodiles, memorable hats, and big, big knives? Well that Aussie export’s got NOTHING on this (mate…!)

    Cindy Donovan’s made something so extraordinary it almost feels insulting to call it an ‘instant affiliate funnel builder’

    YES With Funnel Mates

    1. all emails are written and scheduled automatically for you.
    2.  you can have entire funnels designed, hosted, and branded to you.
    3.  all emails that go out instantly contain your affiliate links.
    4.  it will work in any niche and for any audience.
    5.  you can even request to have one made specifically for you.
    6.  all of the pages have ads, you guessed it … embedded with your links.

    All in under 30 seconds. But that twist?!?

    You can use any of the funnels inside the system instantly, Connect your autoresponder and you’re automatically lightyears ahead of 99% of the ‘so-called’ marketers out there already, building your most valuable asset. Your list!

    But it’s so much more than that, With Funnel Mates you can:

    • Use their templates to make any kind of lead generation funnel you like
    • SELL your funnels inside their marketplace
    • Get paid CASH for each sale

    Yep. Funnel Mates actually PAYS YOU to use their software.

    When you purchase today, you’ll get cash to spend on your choice of completely done for you, instant affiliate funnels already in their expanding marketplace.

    And these funnels are amazing.

    Some of them promote high ticket webinars, some in hot JVZoo, WarriorPlus, or Clickbank niches, and some built for coaches selling their own products and services.

    The selection is mindblowing and constantly growing.

    And when you pick your funnels, the funnel creator gets paid.

    If you’re the funnel creator – YOU get paid. Of course, you don’t have to make funnels

    Maybe you’re content to simply enjoy the automated commissions using the wild collection of instant ‘27 second community-built funnels. But man… I’m making a couple of these myself as soon as I’ve finished hitting send and recommend that if you’ve got a little time today, you do the same.

    You know me, I love anything where I can spend a little time setting something up and seeing cash come in for weeks, months, and years to come.

    Now is the perfect time to Get in there and lock in those kinds of residual profits for yourself

    Here are 4 reasons why you absolutely must grab Funnel Mates now!

    • This system Will Not Be Available Forever! The author has Previously Only Taught This Inside his Private Coaching Groups
    • You Can Start Off As Basic Or Advanced As You Like
    • You Get Unparalleled Transparency as He Walks You Through His Own Funnels
    • The Price is Rising Every Few Hours!

    Here’s Why We’re So Excited About This Funnel Mates Software:

    Activate done-for-you funnels with just one click :

    – includes an existing prewritten email series and lifetime, ongoing email promotions all with your affiliate link added into each one.

    Enjoy unstoppable commissions:

    – on JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, PayKickstart & more – in any niche – with every funnel you pick!

    Design your own funnels fast using our inbuilt customizable templates:

    – one click and all funnel pages are created and ready to customize with our drag and drop designer.

    Capture an unlimited number of leads:

    – using your own funnels or by activating funnels created by other people, hosted, queued, and delivered by us. Nothing techie to code or write.

    Create your own funnels and profit in three ways:

    -use them yourself, sell them to others, or let others use them for free and you get a copy of their leads added automatically to your connected autoresponder.

    Create or use funnels across a variety of niches:

    – (the niches and funnels available are growing daily)!

    Integrates effortlessly:

    – with JVZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank, and more!

    Connects easily to your favorite autoresponder!
    Want to have affiliates build lists AND promote an evergreen webinar?

    – You can do that too, with our GoToWebinar integration.

    Let’s anyone create a funnel fast:

    – no special skills, knowledge, or experience are required!

    Get started in less than 30 seconds:

    – with this cloud-based, user-friendly funnel builder and marketplace!

    Use your own domain names so it looks like you’re hosting the funnel :

    – without any of the tricky or expensive hosting costs.

    Community reviewed rating system ensures the quality of these funnels:

    -stays strong so the funnels your promoting will get more signups and sales than ever!

    Add your own scripts to activated funnels:

    – so you can add messenger bots, retargeting pixels, and more.

    Track your clicks, conversions, and more in your dashboard too.

    And many more others with Funnel Mates  :

    • Hours of 100% Newbie Friendly Video-Based Training
    • Over 30 Videos, PDFs, Cheatsheets, and MORE
    • Action-Based: Setup a range of funnels to build your list, make sales, and more
    • 8 Massively effective funnels, cheatsheets, case studies, and more…
    • Completely FREE Traffic Training Included
    • Intermediate Paid Traffic Training
    • Advanced Retargeting Training
    •  List Not Required! Choose one of the 8 funnels included to build your list!
    • Complete White-Hat Training
    • Multiple detailed case studies included + walkthroughs of every funnel
    • Beginner Friendly, Expert Potential; Both “newbs” and “vets” Will
    • Learn Actionable Content That Gets Results. Period.
    You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action
    (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Funnel Mates Review):

    Funnel Mates bonuse 1


    Funnel Mates bonuse 2

    But Only When You Join FunnelMates From This Page!



    1-Click Funnels Are Just The Begining! As You’ve Seen Having These Completely Ready To Go Funnels Live, Fully Branded, And Filled With Prewritten Emails That Go Out On Complete Autopilot is As Easy As:

    1. Connect: Add your JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, PayKickstart, and PP to your account settings. They’re all free and if you’re new, we’ll show you how to sign up and set it up.
    2. Select: Use the FunnelMates’ money we give you. to unlock your choice of profit funnels. Everything is instantly activated, branded. written + ready to make you cash.
    3. Profit! Your funnels each contain a customized traffic toolkit. Simply click to activate your traffic toolkit and add leads into your prewritten, fully automated, email sequences!

    Let’s check the video below to See How To Earn Cash Using Our Funnel Mates






    WP eBook Maker 

    WP Ebook Maker is a killer plugin that will allow you to create ebooks right from your WP dashboard.



    PLR Users Tutorial

    PLR Users Tutorial

    The tutorial includes 8 great videos for PLR users! You will learn how to extract files, edit sales pages, and many more!



    Mobile Trend Marketing PLR Article Pack

    Mobile Trend Marketing PLR Article Pack

    Keep up with all the new ways of marketing on the web.



    Marketing Graphic Bundle

    Marketing Graphic Bundle

    1,389 ready-to-use marketing graphics in PSD, JPG, and PNG.



    WP IM Graphics Plugin

    WP IM Graphics Plugin

    An amazing WordPress Plugin that will generate IM Graphics inside your WordPress website.


    You have an opportunity to receive Amazing extra bonuses if you Access FunnelMates Now!


    Thank you so much for reading my Funnel Mates Review And Bonus!

    I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

    waled badry



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    Facebook Lead Generation Software

    Facebook Lead Generation Software

    Facebook Lead Generation Software

    The Fastest Lead Generation Process.

    Facebook Lead Generation Software

    Your Facebook Group Is Your Goldmine Of Leads

    Creating a lead generation funnel from your Facebook group is the easiest way to build your leads and client base.

    If you look around you’ll find thousands of people whose business and content have flourished because they wholesomely reaped leads from their Facebook group.

    Why Your Facebook Group Is The Best Place to Find Leads

    There are multiple reasons why your very own Facebook group is the best place to garner leads. Here are some eye-opening reasons:

    Members that hope to join your group are already interested in your niche.

    Members joining your group have unique ideas and pre-learned knowledge that will help you.

    Members who are interested in your group will continue to contribute to your content.

    If your group is active and constantly engaging, your existing group members help bring in more interested and related members to join your group.

    They are already convinced by your subject expertise. You’ll need less pressure and effort in converting them into your clients or customers.

    All you have to do is capture leads from your Facebook jackpot.

    So How Do You Do That?

    Manual Process of Generating Leads

    Besides the regular tasks of running a Facebook group, there is a unique procedure to generate leads from your Facebook group.

    First, you’ll have to set up 3 questions for new members to join your group. The first two questions should be about what the new members hope to seek and learn in your group, and what they bring with them to contribute. The third question should be asking their email address.

    Once you have set these up, you’ll have to copy the answers each time a new member joins, and then paste it on a Google sheet.

    You’ll also have to make sure the right people enter your group. Window-shopping Facebook users who just join groups for the heck of it will ruin your engagement statistics. Hence, you need to filter out the spammers.

    Then, you’ll also have to send customized messages to declined members. Some users require a gentle nudge to answer the questions before joining. Sometimes they forget and they could be worthy members of your group.

    From the Google sheet, you can then manually pick the email addresses, add them to your email list, and send out content newsletters etc to turn these leads into your future paying clients or customers.

    To Excel, You Need To Automate

    Time is money, if you have to reap benefits you’ll need to be fast.

    If you have a really fast-growing group with more than 10 members joining in weekly or daily, you’ll need a tool to automate the entire process for you.

    Automating your lead generation process from your Facebook group will help you save hours if not days of your time. You’ll be able to make more money and save on hiring a VA to do the tasks for you.

    The tech market is highly dynamic. There is only one way to find the software best for your fit. The one that lets you test it out completely.

    While there are many software tools in the market that claim to help you generate leads from your Facebook group, there is only one that actually does the job.

    Group Leads, a chrome extension used by over 2000+ entrepreneurs and businesses, has proven as the ultimate leader in completely automated lead generation.

    This means that you do nothing except set it up, everything is automatic. From there, Group Leads does the entire lead generation as well as multiple tasks for you on autopilot.

    Here’s a list of things that Group Leads does for you:

    • Auto-approves members (useful for a fast-growing group)
    • Auto-declines spammers (saves your time by filtering them easily)
    • Auto-creates email list (converting them into prospective buyers)
    • Auto-transfers member email addresses to your email autoresponder (No need of buying)
    • pricey softwares like Zapier etc)
    • Auto-saves leads to a dashboard and a Google sheet (saving you from Data loss)
    • Auto-messages declined members (saves your time on sending customized messages)

    In this quickly evolving world, you have to race along fast enough to hit the top.
    Everything you invest in must reap benefits for you.

    Finding leads from your Facebook group is not just leads.

    Leads generation software Group Leads helps you reap a massive email list, potential clients and customers, a strong actively engaging group, all from your Facebook group.

    It is time you automate everything

    waled badry

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    Email Marketing Tips

    Email Marketing Tips

    Email Marketing Tips

    Important Things You Need to Know to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign


     Did you know that there are around 269 billion emails sent out every day? That’s a lot of competition for you to try and gain your audience’s attention.

    That’s why it’s critical for you to learn how to run an email marketing campaign the right way, so you can reach your audience and keep their interest.




    Here are some of the most important things that you need to know to run a successful email marketing campaign:


    1. Know Your Goals

    All good marketing strategies start with setting goals, and email marketing is no different. To run a successful email marketing campaign, you need to think about what it is you want to achieve.

    Here are some typical goals for an email marketing campaign.

    • Welcoming new subscribers
    • Boosting engagement
    • Nurturing existing subscribers
    • Re-engaging subscribers
    • Segmenting your subscribers

     You can create your email marketing goals according to your overall conversion goals.


    2. Understanding the Different Email Types

    Along with knowing your goals, you also have to understand the different types of emails that you can send out.

    While people group these in different ways, here are the three critical types of emails.

    • Promotional emails – these emails talk about sales and offers and are self-promotional.
    • Relational emails – these give subscribers what you’ve promised them, like a gift, weekly newsletter, or relevant information that they can use.
    • Transactional emails – these include subscriber signup confirmations, welcome messages, order or purchase confirmations
    • Acknowledgments of changes to subscriber information and are usually triggered by a subscriber’s actions.


    3. Know Your Audience

    If you’re just getting started with email marketing, then you’re going to have to make some educated guesses if you want to target your content.

    After you send out your first campaign, you’ll start to be able to collect subscriber information so you’ll have better data to work with for your next campaign.

    You can gather data from Google Analytics or Facebook Insights to get demographics, interests, locations, and other pertinent information to give you a better snapshot of your audience.


    4. Use the Right Technology

    The best email marketing services that you can use will have tools that will help you create more successful email marketing campaigns. Some of the features that you want to look for are, easy campaign creation and automation, integrations with software you already use, ways to segment your audience, and in-depth analytics on the performance of your email campaigns.

    Understanding these four essential aspects of email marketing will help you get started on the right track to creating a successful marketing campaign for your business.


    # Quick Tips for Creating Email Copy that Converts


    When it comes to your email marketing campaign, the copy is one of the top determining factors on whether your campaign succeeds or fails. An email has become a vital component of online marketing for any business.

    If you are looking to increase opens, clicks, and conversions with your email marketing campaigns,

    here are some quick tips for creating copy that converts.


    1. Keep it Simple

    You have mere seconds to capture the attention of your audiences, so you want to make sure that you use the simple copy in all your emails, as well as on your landing pages.

    Don’t use complicated words or industry jargon in your text; instead; you want to write as if you are speaking to a friend.


    2. Make it Scannable

    The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your reader with long paragraphs and tons of copy.

    Create a design for your emails that break up your text into shorter sections with punchy subheads and numbered or bulleted lists.

    This will allow the reader to quickly read through the email and grasp the message you are trying to get across.


    3. Talk About Benefits Instead of Features

    You want to write compelling copy that lets the reader know what’s in it for them.

    You can do this by talking about how your product or service will benefit them rather than merely listing all the features.


    5. Use More “You” and Less “We”

    You always want to keep the focus of your copy on your readers, rather than providing unnecessary information about you or your company. Those who have subscribed to your emails are looking for how your products are going to meet their needs and how they can help them. You can do this by being more customer-centric and using the word “you” more in your email copy.


    6. Align the Copy with the Subject Line

    If you can get your subscribers to open your emails, then you need to make sure you deliver on what you promised in the subject line.

    If you don’t, you will more than likely lose their trust.

    You have to make sure that the copy of your email is in line with the subject line, as well as the preheader.


    7. Use SEO Keywords Judiciously

    It is always important to use keywords in your email copy that will boost your readers’ interest as well as increase your chances of success with search engines.

    However, you need to make sure your content is useful and well-written, and you have to avoid trying to fit in too many keywords that don’t belong.

    If you want to increase the success of your email marketing campaigns, then you have to create copy that converts. These six quick tips can help you create the kind of text for your email campaigns that successfully convert more customers.


    # How to Get More Email Subscribers with Social Media


    How to Get More Email Subscribers with Social Media

    It can be a daunting task to grow your list of email subscribers, however, if your business is active on social media, you have a tremendous tool at your disposal.

    Social media can get you in front of a broader audience, which will allow you to gain more subscribers.


    Here are several easy ways to get more email subscribers with social media.


    1. Use a Simple Sign-Up Form

    No matter what size business you have, you need to make signing up for your email list easy. If you are using Facebook, dedicate a tab at the top right-hand side of your page for an email form.

    This way people just have to click on the icon to visit your sign-up form. There are several different options to add and set up an email sign-up form to your Facebook business profile.


    2. Preview Premium Content on Your Social Profiles

    If your business creates premium content, you can offer potential subscribers that content for free when they sign up for your email address. If you have white papers, ebooks, infographics, or other premium content to give away, set up a landing page for each one to generate new subscribers from that content. Post, tweet, and share excerpts from the content to drive interest and traffic.


    3. Share an Incentive for Sign Ups

    Incentives can help when it comes to increasing the number of new subscribers to your email list. Many times users just need a little push to take action and subscriber.

    Advertising the incentive on social media will draw even further attention to your offer and get more people to sign up. Make sure that you include a picture and a strong call to action when you post about these incentives.


    4. Host Webinars to Gain Subscribers

    An easy way to share the human side of your company is by hosting a webinar about your business. You can present your business by having someone from your company discuss a relevant topic with your target audience.

    One of the main goals of hosting a webinar is to capture leads in the form of new subscribers. You can use your social media platforms to advertise and share the link to your webinar.


    5. Hold a Giveaway, Contest, or Sweepstakes

    One of the most effective ways to increase your email list is by using your social media platforms to host sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways.

    While many marketers hold games to grow their following on the various social media platforms, the primary goal should always be to build your subscriber list.

     Continuing to grow your subscriber list is a vital part of the success of your business. These tips will help you reach people who already follow you on social media to increase new subscribers.


    # The Most Important KPIs for Measuring Your Email Marketing Success


    The Most Important KPIs for Measuring Your Email Marketing Success

     If you’re using email marketing campaigns in your business to engage your customers and boost sales, how do you know if they are effective?

    The only way to know for sure if your email marketing campaign is working is by measuring your key performance indicators (KPIs), which are specific marketing metrics that you can monitor to measure the progress of your email marketing campaigns.



    Here are the most important metrics to keep in mind for your email marketing campaign.


    1. Deliverability Rate

    The deliverability rate refers to where your email messages end up after they’ve been delivered.

    It tells you whether your emails ended up in the subscriber’s inbox or if they ended up in their spam folder.


    2. Open Rate

    This is the percentage of subscribers who opened your email, viewed your email, and whether they opened it more than once.

    For example, if you send an email to 100 people and 25 of those people opened your email, then your open rate will be 25 percent.


    3. Click-Through Rate

    The click-through rate shows you the number of people who clicked on at least one of the links in your email.

    This is a good way for you to gauge the interest of your subscribers because it shows you how many are taking time to click and dig a bit more.


    4. Conversion Rate

    The conversion rate metric allows you to take things a bit further by taking a look at the definite action that you want the clicks to result in.


    It measures the percentage of people who clicked on a link in your email and completed the desired action, like making a purchase or filling out a form.


    5. Bounce Rate

    This metric looks at the number of emails that didn’t reach your customers’ inboxes.

    There are two different kinds of bounce rates that you should be tracking, the soft bounce rate and the hard bounce rate. The soft bounce rate is when the subscriber’s email box is full, or there is a problem with the server. A hard bounce is when there is an invalid email address and your email bounces back.


    6. Unsubscribe Rate

    This is the percentage of people who unsubscribe from your email list.

    If you have a particular email that results in high unsubscribe rates, then you’ll want to rethink a few things and adjust your next campaign accordingly.


    7. List Growth Rate

    This shows you how quickly your email list is growing.

    The metric takes into account the bounces, unsubscribes, and the number of contacts that are added to your list during a specific time. 

    Keeping an eye on these key metrics will help you develop a successful email marketing campaign.  


    # 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Email Marketing Campaign


    5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Email Marketing Campaign

    These days, most businesses have an email marketing strategy. However, with more than 294 billion emails sent every day, it is crucial for your business to stand out from the crowd.

    The last thing you want to do is spend your time and effort on creating an email campaign only to have your emails go unread.



    Here are 5 mistakes to avoid making with your email marketing campaign.


    1. Sending Your Emails from a

    Sending your emails from a do not reply or no reply email is incredibly unwelcoming and uninviting.

    Don’t be shocked if your open rate is low if you send your emails from one of these addresses.

    You always want to make sure you are sending emails from an address that your customers can reply to if they have issues or questions.


    2. Sending Image Only Based Emails

    Only about 33% of email subscribers will have their images turned on by default.

    This means that nearly two-thirds of your subscribers will not be able to read your email, but instead be faced with a long, empty box.

    Plus, text-only emails have a 40% higher click-through rate than those that contain only images.

    If you do decide to use pictures, make sure that you repeat everything in simple text.


    3. Not Linking to Your Website

    The entire goal of email marketing is to get people to click through to your company website.

    Your email needs to include at least one link that sends subscribers to a dedicated landing page that continues the email message.

    Similar to marketing campaigns that utilize search engines, you want to create a dedicated landing page for your email campaign, making sure that you include the link in the email.


    4. Using a ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Approach

    The most effective form of any marketing method is relevance. Your message needs to be relevant to your subscribers.

    The one-size-fits-all approach no longer works. Being relevant shows that you care about your subscribers.

    Only 11% of businesses segment their email lists, which makes creating relevant email marketing campaigns a competitive advantage for your business.

    Your segmentation can be basic or complex. By segmenting your list and customizing your message, you’ll have more engaged customers and higher click-through rates.


    5. Ignoring Mobile

    54% of all emails are now opened on a mobile device, and 40% of mobile users check their email more than four times a day.

    If your email campaign isn’t optimized for mobile devices many of your subscribers may not be able to read your message.

    Avoiding these 5 mistakes can ensure that your email marketing campaign is successful.

    Email is still the most preferred communication channel for most customers, so creating an effective email campaign will help you out-perform the competition. 


    # 5 Must-Have Components of an Email Marketing Campaign


    5 Must Have Components of an Email Marketing Campaign

    Email marketing has always been a powerful marketing channel, and automation makes the entire process lot more effective, faster, and smarter.

    If you want to continue to see a positive ROI, then your campaign must be done right. If seen a decrease in your email marketing campaign performance, then you might be missing one of these


    5 must-have components of an email marketing campaign.


    1. A Plan

    You have to have a plan in place before you can even start your email marketing campaign.

    need to create a content strategy that includes topics that are relevant to your audience. They should be topics that are based on their interests.

    To ensure that you keep on schedule, create a content calendar that outlines the release dates for each campaign.


    2. Best Performing Subject Lines

    The subject lines that you include in your emails will significantly influence open rates.

    You want to avoid confusing, generic, misleading, and over-the-top subject lines. Make the subject lines short, informative, and to the point for the best results.

    The subject line should set reader’s expectations and provide them with a list of the email. Refrain from using all caps and spammy keywords like “free,” “gift,” and “bonus.”


    3. Personalization

    Personalizing your emails is one of the easiest ways to stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes. Sending personalized emails will help to build trust in the mind of your audience.

    A simple personalization trick, like addressing readers by their first name, can prove to be incredibly useful.

    It has been shown that personalizing everything from the subject line to the products offered, can help to increase click-through rates, which can lead to a significant increase in revenue.


    4. Segmentation

    When it comes to successful marketing strategies, one-size-doesn’t-fit all. Email marketing focuses on getting subscribers to take action, and it requires you to have a solid understanding of your recipients.

    Knowing your audience better can help you create segments that will allow you to tailor content to each subscriber, which will ensure better engagement.


    5. Mobile Optimization

    Sending out a non-responsive email will appear outdated on a mobile device and tablets.

    With more and more people opening their emails on their smartphones and tablets, mobile optimization needs to become a natural part of the process.

    If you want to run a successful email marketing campaign, make sure you are optimizing your emails for mobile phones and tablets.

     you need to ensure that these 5 must-have components are included in every campaign you send out.


    # Top 5 Email Marketing Tips For Creating a Successful Campaign


    Top 5 Email Marketing Tips For Creating a Successful Campaign

    Despite what may have heard, email marketing is a complex process with many moving parts. you can still have a successful marketing campaign while keeping the process relatively simple.



    Here are 5 of the top email marketing tips for creating a successful campaign.


    # 1 – Make Sure Each Email Contains Obvious Links

    The entire purpose of your email marketing is to drive more traffic to your landing page, website, or the product page.

    Without driving more clicks to your website or page, you won’t be able to convert customers.

    The way you accomplish this is by including a lot of links in the copy of the email and making sure that they can’t be missed.


    # 2 – Make it Easy to Unsubscribe

    While this may seem counter-intuitive to make it easier for users to leave your email list, the other option is a lot less appealing.

    If your users become frustrated when trying to remove themselves from your list, they will eventually start flagging your email as spam. Every time a user marks your email as spam, it counts against your sender reputation with the email providers, which makes it much harder for your emails to end up in the inbox instead of the junk folder. 


    # 3 – Keep Your Text Short and Easy to Scan

    Most of the people who get your emails aren’t going to read the entirety of your email. They will scan it for the key points that they are interested in.

    Use bold font and additional colors to highlight keywords or phrases and keep your text short.

    Having too much text will quickly get your emails deleted and can create more risk of your emails triggering the spam filters.


    # 4 – Send Test Emails Before You Send to Your Main List

    There is nothing worse than sending out an email and then finding out that something broke in the email provider’s preview pane.

    Before you send out emails to your entire list, make sure to send a test version to a test account using all of the big email providers.

    This way you can catch any errors and fix them before you send them out to your main list.


    # 5 – Always Ask User to Add Your Email to Their Contact List

    You need to remind users, at every opportunity, that if they want to be sure to continue to get the valuable information they love getting from you that they need to add your email address to their contact list.

    This way you can ensure that your emails won’t automatically be delivered to their junk mail folders. 

    These top 5 email marketing tips won’t make you a perfect email marketer, but they will put you ahead of your competition. Just utilize these tips as a checklist when you’re putting together your email campaigns to ensure it’s successful.


    # Best Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Open Rates


    Best Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Open Rates

    While many people may think that email marketing is dead, it still has one of the highest engagement rates of any marketing strategy.

    Plus, with an average return of $42 for every $1 spent, email marketing also has one of the highest returns on investment.

    The key to taking advantage of this is to find a way to stand out from the crowd. One easy way to figure out if your efforts are paying off is to pay attention to the open rates of your email campaigns.

    Here are some of the best ways that you can improve the open rates for your email marketing campaigns.


    1. Create an Engaging Subject Line

    The first thing that consumers see in any email is the subject line. If you haven’t tested and optimized yours, then you are leaving money on the table.

    A/B testing isn’t just for your landing pages and websites; it is also an essential part of your email marketing. You want to aim for creating a casual and personal opening line.


    2. Write Quality Content

    If your customers come to expect your business to send engaging, entertaining, and informative emails, you’ll see a substantial increase in your open rates.

    However, if you are sending information that they can find elsewhere, or you send them nothing but promotional emails, your messages will end up in the trash bin.

    One of the best ways to keep your open rates high is by sending high-quality emails less frequently.


    3. Send at the Right Time

    In marketing, timing is everything. This is especially true when it comes to email marketing. You want to make sure that you are sending emails at the best times based on the audience, message, and intent.

    You can do some testing to find this out, or you can do your research on the industry to determine the typical results.


    4. Avoid Spam Filters

    The filters on email servers are becoming more and more sophisticated, and if your emails end up in subscribers’ spam folders, you’ll see your open rate plummet.

    If you want to stay out of spam folders, then you need to make sure you avoid sending emails that look like spam. Limit the number of links in your message and make sure it doesn’t read like a brochure.

    These are some of the best ways to ensure your emails get opened. If you want to run an email marketing campaign that is successful, then you need to work on increasing your open rates.  

    # Best Email Marketing Services for Your Small Business

    Lets Mail-Special


    Choosing the right service for your email marketing can have a significant impact on whether your campaign is successful or not.

    Email marketing has become one of the most cost-effective tools that a business can include in its overall marketing strategy.

    The success or failure of an email marketing campaign depends a lot on the software that you choose because it is responsible for making sure that your emails are delivered accurately.

    If you have decided to make email marketing a priority for your business this year,

    here are 4 of the best email marketing services for your small business.


    # Letsmail (One Time No monthly fees )

    World’s 1st & Only Email Software Where No One Can Hurt Your Delivery Rates… Ever

    Letsmail is a self-hosted software that will show you how to increase your email opens, get more clicks, and save hundreds of dollars per year when compared with other 3rd party email services.

    With Letsmail, you won’t have to worry about paying monthly auto-responder fees ever again! You can get an overnight increase in email delivery, opens, clicks, and profits with a platform that you 100% control! There’s no limit on how many subscribers, automated sequences, and emails you can send, and many more things to say about Letsmail.


    # GetResponse ( free for 30 days )

    is an email marketing app that allows you to:

    • create a mailing list and capture data onto it
    • send emails to the subscribers on your mailing list
    • automate your email marketing using ‘autoresponders’
    • view and analyze statistics related to your email campaigns – open rate, click-through, forwards, etc.

    In recent years, however, GetResponse has shifted its emphasis considerably:

    the product now aims to be more of an ‘all-in-one’ e-commerce and online marketing solution — rather than a conventional email marketing tool.

    Accordingly, in addition to email marketing features, GetResponse now also provides a website builder, chat features, e-commerce features, webinar hosting, landing pages, and automated sales funnels.

    GetResponse has recently introduced new features, including conversion funnels and webinar hosting, that aim to make it more of an ‘all in one marketing platform.


    # SendinBlue ( Paid & free Limited )

    This is a complete SMS and email marketing service for businesses. The platform is incredibly easy to use and provides excellent tools for creating beautiful and highly engaging email campaigns. SendinBlue includes helpful automation tools for beginners that allow you to create workflows, send transactional emails, and segment users.


    # AWeber ( Paid & free Limited )

    One of the oldest email marketing platforms, AWeber continues to be a popular service provider for small businesses. They offer a broad range of tools for small and medium-sized businesses to manage their email marketing campaigns. It’s easy to get started with AWeber as it connects seamlessly to most site-building platforms. When you sign up for the service, you get access to ready-to-use templates, list management, email tracking, and autoresponders.

     While there are dozens of email marketing services that you can use, it is essential that you choose the right one for your business. These five choices are great for those who are just getting started building an email marketing campaign.


    waled badry




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    Commission Black Ops

    Commission Black Ops Review

    Commission Black Ops Review

    You can’t go anywhere online right now without hearing something about Michael Cheney’s “Commission Black Ops”.

    The hype is phenomenal.

    It seems everyone is keen to promote this thing and make a quick buck.

    But what is it really like, is it actually any good and should you buy it?

    That’s what you’re about to find out in this review.

    Firstly, I have to say, I know there are people out there who don’t really “gel” with Cheney’s upfront style of marketing and writing sales letters.

    And I can understand that.

    I personally love it.

    And more importantly – you can clearly see everything he does in a certain way is done for a reason.

    Heck – this isn’t some new kid on the block we’re talking about here.

    – Michael Cheney has been mixing it up in the internet marketing space since the year 2000.

    So anyway, what is Commission Black Ops actually like?

    Well, the first thing you notice when you get into the member’s area is just how professional laid out everything is.

    No getting lost or wondering where your downloads are – everything is easy to find.

    You can dive right into the Commission Black Ops “Field Manual” and I’m gonna be straight with you here.

    – it’s worth every penny.

    Now sure – if you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a long time then there may be around 1 – 2% of this info which you already know.

    The content is pure gold and I took masses of notes and have already started implementing his strategy.

    The way he breaks it down is really step by step so you can just copy it for yourself and start using the method in your own business.

    This is what I really like.

    It’s also cool when you see how much money he’s made with this strategy.

    You know this stuff works.

    And for the small fee he’s asking for this I’d recommend it to anyone doing affiliate marketing or anyone considering doing affiliate marketing.

    As Michael Cheney says

    – he’s looking to train up his own legion of “affiliate special operatives” who can then smash it for him on his next product launches.

    It’s a smart strategy.

    And as long as you go through the product and apply what you learn there’s no reason you can’t become a top-earning affiliate too.

    So there you have it;

    I give Commission Black Ops a big thumbs up, 9/10 rating (because nobody’s perfect)

    and recommend you grab it right now like I did and start making money with this thing;

    Get your hands on this $39k/mo. method and bonus here!


    Commission Black Ops Review & Bonus

    commission black ops bonus


    commission black ops bonuscommission black ops bonus

    commission black ops bonuscommission black ops bonus

    commission black ops bonuscommission black ops bonus

    commission black ops bonuscommission black ops bonus

    commission black ops bonuscommission black ops bonus

    commission black ops bonuscommission black ops bonus


    Get your hands on this $39k/mo. method and bonus here!


    waled badry



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    Cloud Funnels

    Cloud Funnels Review

     Cloud Funnels Review: Everything you need to know + OTO Details + Bonuses


    If you’ve been marketing online for more than 5 minutes, you’ll know that Landing Pages, funnel, Leadpages, Memberships, Corporate Sites are the most powerful ways to Build A Successful Business Online. But sadly there are many over-priced funnel builders & marketing tools.

    That’s why a new product recently caught my attention — it’s called Cloud Funnels and it’s the all-new and powerful Funnel Builder that you can install on any hosting platform. You can host it just like you host WordPress. No need to pay any recurring fees or charges.

    Cloud Funnels will give you more sales-boosting features, more power, and more success for a one-time price.


    ABOUT Cloud funnels

    Cloud funnels are the ultimate business website builder.

    Build any type of business website with Cloud Funnels starting off with your custom design, or using one of the dozens included templates.

    🟢 Dozens of readymade plugins that replace expensive external plugins.

    🟢 Create mailing lists, send newsletters & mailouts from within CloudFunnels

    🟢 Available in 17 languages. 

    🟢 Inbuilt Autoresponder + Support For 20 Autoresponders

    🟢 Support For 23 Carts, Payment Gateways & Marketplaces

    🟢 Customer & Product Management

    🟢 GDPR Compliant

    🟢 No More Difficult Setup or Hosting Process. CloudFunnels 2 gives you the easiest way to create your site.

    🟢 100% Uptime, 100% Security

    🟢 No Funnel-hacking, No Stealing Secrets – CloudFunnels keeps you protected always.

    🟢 High-performance funnels

    🟢100% Customizable For Your Business


    CloudFunnels replaced 3, not one money guzzler.

    Just get it and never pay for a funnel builder, membership app, or autoresponder again. Plus… You get a commercial license, so you can build funnels for others and charge them for it. It’s a powerful new business fully set up for you!

    ⚡ Build amazing funnels

    ⚡ Do your email marketing too

    ⚡ Build fantastic memberships



    Cloudfunnels is the Simplest Roadmap To Build A Successful Business Online

    #1 Grab leads using Landing pages & Options

    For best results, try multiple angles Once you have a line of communication established,  you can reach out to your leads with your offers and start driving your sales.

    #2 Maximize your customer value using sales funnels

    Without funnels, you make only 1/3rd of the sale. With a funnel, you can get 2x, 3x, or even 5x the profit per customer. That means you have to make fewer sales for the same profit.

     #3 Build your profits using memberships

    Make it easy for your customer to access their purchase. Give your customers a place to connect with you and buy more products from you.  Your memberships can be a source of constant new sales.

    #4 Profit forever with Email marketing

    Mail, make a sale. The ultimate repeatable formula. Mail your offers to your leads and make those sales.

    Buyers need to see your offer at least 3-5 times before they will buy. Get it to them.


    The Easiest Funnel Builder With Profit-Boosting Features You Won’t Find In Products 10x As Expensive:

    Easy to use, drag-n-drop designer

     Drag & drop designer

    Dozens of readymade blocks

    Create your own reusable blocks


    No complex DNS setup required

     Book a domain in Cloud Funnels with no setup, or use any domain you want.


    No hosting hassles

     Use in-built hosting to host in one-click or host on any hosting


    Save time with 30+ readymade templates

     Funnel templates

    Landing page templates

    Squeeze & lead page templates


    Make free & paid memberships

    Free memberships for leads

    Sign-in memberships

    Integrates with 20+ payment gateways & carts for paid memberships


    Create multiple funnels on one domain

    Other funnel builders let you make one funnel per domain.

    With CloudFunnels you can put multiple funnels on one domain


    Save money with an in-built email autoresponder

    Don’t pay for any external autoresponder.

    CloudFunnels includes a full-blown autoresponder with a mail sequence feature.


    Do re-marketing easily with Facebook, Google & other pixels

    It is easy to implement pixels on the domain and verify them on Facebook & Google for easy remarketing.


    Run your business better with insightful analytics

    It is easy to implement pixels on the domain and verify them on Facebook & Google for easy remarketing.


    Find winner landing pages & lead pages easily with A/B testing

    Compare the performance of any two pages and find out which one gives you a better response.


    Take your data anywhere with Zapier

    Connect any app to CloudFunnels with a zap and do automated marketing


    Make your compliance easier

    CloudFunnels is 100% GDPR compliant. You have control over user data and can also do data reporting.


    Easily manage access to your team

    Give separate and limited access to accountants, designers, etc.


    DDOS Safe

    Your funnels will not be going down because the network gets DDOSed. You are 100% protected.


     Cloud Funnels Review: Special Sale Offer


    Get CloudFunnels in the special sale today and we will give you a free upgrade to a Commercial license.

    It authorizes you to make Funnels for other businesses and charge a one-time or recurring fee from them.

    This can be your biggest business this year. Just think about the size of the potential market and the popularity of Funnel marketing.

    Customers Are Desperately Looking For Funnel Experts


    On Fiverr


    On Upwork


    Funnel Building is a high-paying niche and people are charging 100s of dollars to do basic funnel work. With CloudFunnels helping you build affordable funnels, you can dominate this market and rake in clients by the dozen.


    Start Growing Faster & Keeping Your Profits:

      getting as many leads and sales as you can without any pressure or worries.

      trying out as many new ideas or ventures as you wish without worrying about fresh costs and hassles.

      choosing simplicity and ease. Why should your funnel-builder be any more complicated than WordPress?

      creating funnels, making memberships, and doing your email automation all within one app.

      customizing your funnels and your sites perfectly for the unique requirements of your business. It’s easy with CloudFunnels.

      spending less and making more profits.

    Get Cloud Funnels Now & We Will Also Give You The Training To Turn You Into A Master Funnel Builder:

    Complete CloudFunnels training. We’ll show you how to set up 6-figure funnels using CloudFunnels

    We’ll give you the basics of funnel marketing and show you how you can use funnels to improve profitability in your business.

    Funnel secrets. Learn the secret tricks of funnel marketing that will help you get more sales from every customer.


    This training is only available during the sale. Get it now and you’ll be on the fast track to funnel domination.


    What’s special about Cloud Funnels?


    A powerful WYSIWYG page builder that churns out highly optimized responsive pages.

    Complete membership system to create free or paid memberships.

    Insightful sales and leads analytics to help you always keep track of your business.

    Install anywhere including shared hosting, VPS, Servers, Google Cloud, etc.

    Page cloner lets you duplicate any page or funnel online in one-click

    Support for popular payment gateways & carts including Paypal, Stripe,, ClickBank, JVZoo, Warrior Plus, etc.

    Integration for SMTPs like Sendgrid, Mailgun,, SMTP2Go etc for your email marketing.

    Full GDPR Support – Cookie consent & data disclosure. Increased protection from ‘funnel hackers

    Integrations for Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, Bots, Support desk, Conversion proof, etc.

    Over a dozen readymade funnel templates that you can modify instantly.

    Email automation. Send transactional emails, mail sequences, and mail your lists.

    Create multiple funnels & memberships on one domain or subdomain.

    SEO Friendly features. On-page optimization, caching for fast delivery & AMP for high-speed mobile performance.

    Integration with popular autoresponders like Aweber, Getresponse, MailChimp, MailEngine, etc.

    Has A/B testing & split testing to help you get more sales.

    Integration with Facebook Pixel, Google Pixel, Google analytics, Heat-maps, or any other analytics system.

    Zapier integration to send your data to any CRM or software.

    Works on Google Appengine to create your funnel on highly reliable Google infrastructure.

    Free automatic upgrade


     Cloud Funnels Review: All About The OTOS:


    Cloud Funnels Pro Upgrade 

    With this powerful upgrade, get these pro-level features.

    • Support for up to 10 sites
    • Inbuilt support for payment networks
    • Zapier Integration
    • 5 New Templates
    • 2 Years free upgrade
    • Multi-page Funnels


    Cloud Funnels Agency 

    Cloud Funnels Agency version allows to sell CloudFunnels accounts and keep 100% of the profits.

    This is a no-brainer to buyers who can get back their CloudFunnels investments with just 1-2 sales.


    Cloud Funnels Template Club 

    4 new templates every month for multiple niches.


    Stock bin 2 

    Get HUGEST Media Asset Collection To Create Competition Killer Content.


    Site Marketer Powerpack 

    Powerful apps help you get more success marketing your site.


    Get Cloud Funnels Today & Also
    Get This Powerful Software That
    Will Get You More Traffic

    Exclusive Add-ons With CloudFunnels


    Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies

    A lot of people who try to sell anything online simply are not doing a good job of it.

    This is the main reason why the vast majority of people trying to sell affiliate products simply can’t make a living off their online marketing.

    The whole idea of “build it and they will come” is just a pipe dream. It may have worked 10 years ago. But it doesn’t work today.

    If you truly want to create passive income using online properties you have to create a sales funnel.


    Funnel Builder by CartFlows

    Funnels are the most effective way to sell products & services.

    We created CartFlows, a WordPress Funnel Builder, to help every website owner get more leads, increase conversions, & maximize profits.


    WP Viral Quiz Jeet

    Create awesome and Instasuite quizzes on your WP site, as Buzzfeed does, but with more features!

    It’s the best and the simplest WordPress quiz plugin ever!


    Social Media Marketing Revolution

    Social media marketing can be automated. It can be mastered to the point where it can produce income after you’ve set it.

    You need to be visible on the four major social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

    Taken together, the traffic volume you can get from these four platforms is mind-blowing.

    With this guide, you will learn all the tips and tricks for getting traffic on those platforms.


    Contact Form by WPForms

    Drag & Drop Form Builder for WordPress

    We believe that you shouldn’t have to hire a developer to create a WordPress contact form.

    WPForms allows you to create beautiful contact forms, feedback forms, subscription forms, payment forms, and other types of forms for your site in minutes, not hours!


    List Mail Jeet

    Mail your leads direct from your desktop PC.

    Need a quick solution to mail directly from your desktop PC?

    You can use the List Mail Jeet. A quick little software that will help you mail any list very quickly from your desktop PC itself.

    Ideal for small mailout jobs to one-time lists.


    SEO Harvester Jeet

    This fast and user-friendly software application allows you to search for ultra-targeted keywords for your content campaign.

    Get more value with this SEO keyword research tool.


    Get Cloud Funnels 2 Special Offer



    Extremely Limited Time Bundle Offer (Save Hundreds)

    Hurry! Grab The Special Offer On

    The Entire CloudFunnels Funnel

    Before It Goes Away


    Here Is What Is Included


    waled badry




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    ClickDesigns Review

    ClickDesigns Review:

    An amazing must-have tool for marketers


    Newbies, Digital Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Social Media Marketers, Bloggers, Authors & Publishers, eCommerce, Software Creators, Non-Designers & Many More…

    Creates Incredibly Amazing Graphics & Designs For Blogs, Websites, Sales Funnels & Site Builders In 60 Seconds

    Get Stunning Logos, Boxshots, Covers, Reports, Digital Mockups, Product Bundles, Graphics & Illustrations On Demand For Your Webpages, Videos, Socials, Emails, Banners & So Much More WITHOUT Freelancers, Designers, Coders & Webmasters. 

    Do you struggle with designing your website or blog?

    ClickDesigns can make it easy for you! It is an all-in-one graphic design tool for web pages, blogs, page builders, and sales funnels.

    You can quickly create beautiful graphics without having to deal with complicated software or wait for designers.

    If you're just getting started in business, ClickDesigns can help you grow and connect with customers.

    If you’re already a step ahead, ClickDesigns can help you revamp your website to boost your visitors and sign-ups.

    clickdesigns wordpress

    An Overview of ClickDesigns

    ClickDesigns is a point-and-click design powerhouse for beautiful, high-converting graphics, designs, and pages.

    It is easy to turn your blogs, websites, and sales funnels into powerful selling machines using stunning designs, saving you a lot of time and money.

    It is your one-stop shop for logos, box shots, covers, reports, digital mockups, product bundles, graphics, and much more for YOUR Business and YOUR Clients.

    Get smashing designs on-demand with simplicity and style in seconds with the cloud-based ClickDesigns.

    Unlimited Customization

    Let your imagination take you places! With ClickDesigns, you'll be spoilt for choice because you can customize in countless ways with alignments, effects, fonts, and other elements.

    Unlimited Importing & Exporting

    Got tons of designs to edit, import and export? Go! Import and edit designs as much as you want and export as much as you want because with ClickDesigns, it's unlimited!

    Unlimited HR Download

    Export your designs in JPG or PNG formats that are scalable without loss of ‘fine-pixel’ quality resolution. Download with background or keep it transparent.

    Unlimited Flexibility

    Never struggle to create what you envisioned ever again! If you’ve seen it, you can do it. Better yet, we may already HAVE it ready for you to quickly and easily start any design.

    1-Click Design Loader

    No need to waste time or re-create a design in a different format or type. Simply preload designs in 1 click across other types and sizes.

    1-Click Instant Publishing

    Publishing has never been easier until now with ClickDesigns. All it takes is one straightforward click to publish your designs.

    Canvas Resizing

    Started, got halfway through, and realized the canvas size is wrong? No problem. Instantly resize your canvas, so it adapts to accommodate the design without restarting.

    Canvas Zoom In & Out

    Need to check the tiniest detail of your design? Easy! Click the zoom in to see the detail or zoom out so you can see it from a bird’s eye view.

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    What are the key benefits of using ClickDesigns?

    Here are the top benefits of choosing ClickDesigns for your web pages.

    ✔️ Get record-breaking attraction & engagement so you can get more clicks, leads & sales

    ✔️ The ultimate, baby-friendly, point & click and drag & drop software that gets you pro designer graphics in a flash

    ✔️ Launch your product or service overnight, not months with superior “A Grade” designs FAST & EASY

    ✔️ Instant access and ready-to-use, dynamic & beautiful templates across 28 niche categories

    ✔️ Instantly boost sign-ups and exponentially increase sales with highly captivating & impactful designs

    ✔️ In 1 click, transform your blogs, websites, sales funnels into powerful selling machines

    ✔️ Get started immediately without any prior creative graphic design skills or technical coding experience

    ✔️ FREE Commercial License so you can sell designs to customers & clients anywhere in the world

    Who Can Use ClickDesigns?

    Anyone who’s in business NEEDS graphic designs. So ClickDesigns is perfect for anyone!

    • Digital marketers who want to promote their products and services to attract customers with sales-thumping mockups, covers, box shots, and creative designs for their webpages.
    • Bloggers who want to stand out in an ever-crowded environment and attract visitors by leveraging powerful eye-popping visuals and rank sky-high on search engines.
    • Video creators who want amazing videos with product bundles, graphics, and illustrations that add value without the need for constantly paying for new ones for every project.
    • Social media marketers who want to increase visibility, promote their brand awareness and boost engagement with scroll-stopping visuals across networks.
    • Online course creators who want show-stopping covers, product bundles, digital device mockups for their online courses, presentations, and webinar content.
    • Authors and publishers craving New York Times Bestseller celebrity status on Amazon with mesmerizing covers that whistle ‘Look INSIDE’ and ‘buy my book’!
    • Software creators wanting to showcase their app across multiple digital device mockups, product boxshots, covers, and bundles to boost sales.
    • Entrepreneurs who want to skyrocket their business to unimaginable heights with jaw-dropping designs to attract new customers and retain existing ones.
    • E-commerce & brick-and-mortar store owners wanting to get customers with stunning and mouth-watering product shots and group shots for more sales.
    • Freelancers who want a side gig or a full-time hustle.

    Comparison table against Canva & Adobe

    Comparison table against Canva & Adobe

    Are There Any Upsells?

    🟢 Upgrade 1: ClickDesigns UNLIMITED

    ClickDesigns Unlimited unlocks the premium editor with 1,000 more design templates, custom template designer, 1-click design cloner including unlimited storage for unlimited projects, designs and downloads for unlimited profits.

    🟢 Upgrade 2: ClickDesigns Professional

    Get real-world, photo-realistic mockups, offline banner mockups, hand-held device mockups, world-class magazines PLUS designer worksheets, checklists and cheat sheets including Custom Digital Device Builder and Product Group Shots Pro in different styles, shots, and angles. For explosive clicks, leads, and sales.

    🟢 Upgrade 3: Design Pages

    With Design Pages, you get the custom background designer, premade background color, patterns & image page designs for any web page or blog builder, the page theme designer, illustration & scene design templates, and annotation design templates including vector & illustrations graphic designer and illustrative scenes mockup creator. Traffic-pumping design pages for nonstop sales!

    🟢 Upgrade 4: ClickDesigns Agency

    With ClickDesigns Agency you get multi-team global members access, custom branding, agency account control center, global design collaboration, client work & project management, 1-click bulk downloads in high-resolution, watermark engine, stealth sharing, client cloud storage & sharing, unlimited hosting, and storage including ClickDrive for Agency, the all-in-one custom product bundle creator and FREE design templates loaded into your account for an ENTIRE year.

    Final Thoughts:

    ClickDesigns is a must-have for any marketer and business owner. It’s very easy to use, owing to its point-and-click, drag-and-drop editor.

    With ClickDesigns, you can finally say:

    → YES to creative freedom, speed, and beauty

    → YES to traffic-getting designs

    → YES to flexible, publish-anywhere designs instantly

    → YES to saving time, money, and efforts

    → YES to an avalanche of traffic and profits

    More importantly, ClickDesigns is all those graphic design tools out there COMBINED.

    What makes ClickDesigns a cut above the rest is its 1-click publishing, eliminating the need for coders and webmasters to stitch your designs together. This alone will save you tons of time and money!

    So if you want stunning designs in MINUTES without needing to hire graphic designers or an in-house team, get ClickDesigns now.

    It’s definitely worth the investment!

    waled badry

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    Click Wealth

    Click Wealth Review

    Click Wealth System

    Click Wealth Review –  For the past few weeks, I have been receiving multiple emails from my subscribers, sharing with me that they have received amazing results from the new make-money-online product.

    Before I share this product with you all, I have to make sure that it is really as good as what everyone else is saying. I mean, it is easy to put all these claims to make people buy it, but, is it really different from the hundreds of internet marketing products out there in the market?

    Today, I will be doing my review on this new product and give you my honest opinion.

    What is Click Wealth?

    Click Wealth is a done-for-you affiliate marketing system that integrates your email service provider (They recommend Getresponse) with their cloud website builder. On top of that, they help you to choose the top converting offers that you can generate sales from.

    Price Point: $9 One Time Only.


    What does Click Wealth have to offer?


     Beginner Friendly.Step by step and easy to understand instructions and checklist that allows anyone to use the software even if they have not made a single cent online.

     Strong support community. Matt has provided a chatbot in the member’s area so that you are able to contact the team quickly. Also, he provided a Facebook support group where you can be encouraged by the results of others using the Click Wealth System. Also, the Facebook Group is also another venue you can get support and help.

     Website builder. You can create a website in less than 5 clicks.

    100% Proven Testimonials. The testimonials are sent in personally by members who have received good results after using the system. Member reviews are always important to determine product quality. So far, we see that most of them are very satisfied with the purchase.

     Cheap. Should you get your own website builder, hosting, domain, and tracking system, it will easily cost thousands of dollars. Click Wealth only cost $9 one time only.

    Instant Access. This is a digital subscription service, so there will be no extra shipping costs or delays. You can access it instantly on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

    60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Matt has kindly provided a 60-day money-back guarantee so that people can get their hands on it with ZERO risk. This shows that Matthew is confident in his product.

    Click Here I Will Show You How You Can Generate Your First Paycheck Online!

    Click Wealth System allows you to purchase upgrades to allow you to generate profits faster and easier.

    But they are optional.

    Upgrade 1: Profit Activator

    5 extra plugins that allow you to customize your website to increase conversion rates and the number of subscribers.

    Click Wealth System Profit Activator

    Upgrade 2: Click Profit Multiplier

    A cloud-based email marketing system that allows you to create unique email swipes with a click of a button. On top of that, it shows you the top converting offers that marketers are using to generate good profits online.

    Click Wealth System Click Profit Multiplier

    Upgrade 3: 5x Profit Sites

    Allows you to generate 5 more unique websites with their cloud software.

    Click Wealth System 5x Profit Sites

    Should You Buy It?

    I guess the answer is clear… definitely! It is a beginner-friendly product that allows anyone to get started quickly and make money on the internet.

    In fact, making money online with Click Wealth System can be summarised in just 3 steps!

    1) Choose a verified customer source from our insider list

    2) Create a website using our cloud software using less than 5 clicks.

    3) Becoming the middleman by directing the customer source to your website.

    That’s it! Simple and easy. To be honest, I have not seen anything like this in the market.

    On top of that, I can see from the testimonials that individuals are really benefitting greatly from this product. If any case, you are not satisfied with the product, you can get every single cent of your money back with their 60-day money-back guarantee.

    I am happy that my subscribers have shared it with me, and I am looking forward to creating my desired future filled the Click Wealth System.

    You should too!

    >> Get Instant Access to Click Wealth System Here<<


    waled badry




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    Channel Authority Builder

    Channel Authority Builder Review

    Channel Authority Builder Review – Think beyond optimization, this one is about right video positioning, literally!


    Build Traffic, Authority, And High Rankings With This Powerful YouTube Marketing Automation Tool

    Get The Exact System & Software Used To Build Channels

    With 100K Subscribers


    In a nutshell, what is Channel Authority Builder?

    So you have been trying really hard with keywords and backlinks and don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Well here is a product that can rank you albeit differently almost in disguise. What’s that?

    Well, Channel Authority Builder is a unique product designed to bring your video to the suggested videos section or the sidebar on YouTube and pull traffic from there.


    Channel Authority Builder


    Who is Channel Authority Builder for?

    Do you have a YouTube channel? If yes, then look no further, you absolutely need this. No matter what your niche is. It is for everyone who is on YouTube. This tool can push your channel views up in no time. Whether is a veteran or a newbie, it does not matter. People who can benefit are:

    • Video marketers
    • Affiliate marketers
    • Digital marketers
    • Vloggers
    • Bloggers
    • Offline Business
    • Local marketers
    • Any YouTuber!

    3 things I love about Channel Authority Builder:

    1) With Channel Authority Builder, Cyril has brought to the table a completely new way of gaining mileage on YouTube. It has changed my approach to YouTube completely. Whilst the whole world focuses on ranking this tool focuses on authority in other words goodwill of a channel and teaches you to capitalize on it.

    2) The second best part is the competition analysis that Channel Authority Builder offers. Here is your chance to leverage upon all the hard work that your competition is doing. Find out what they are doing, follow the directions this automated software gives, and egg your way ahead on the sidebar!

    3) Channel Authority Builder comes up with everything in real-time! It can pick up keywords that are become hot suddenly and let you know about them. You may well be on your way and discover a profitable new niche.


    Channel Authority Builder Review

    What will I get inside Channel Authority Builder?

    Channel Authority Builder is a tool that revolutionizes the way you get traffic on YouTube. Keeping this in mind the Cyril has thrown in the exact strategy in the form of training along with all of this:

    • Monitor what’s working for any channel and unravel its best secrets.
    • Get accurate trend information for the topics that are trending in your niche right now.
    • Appear on other channels’ sidebars and unlock traffic from other people’s videos.
    • Find all channels from your niche and monitor their marketing secret.
    • Monitor keyword rankings and see how your and other people’s video do over time.
    • Get accurate statistics for channels and videos & find the real winners.

    Any drawbacks to Channel Authority Builder?

    Channel Authority Builder is a flawless product, well-designed and crafted. There are reasons for this kind of perfection. The product has been developed by Cyril from years of personal experience. He has overcome several bumps to get to this. The tool is the result of his phenomenal success and experience on a YouTube channel with millions of views.

    Final thoughts on Channel Authority Builder:

    If you have long term commitment to YouTube then you cannot give Channel Authority Builder a miss. There are those videos that create a stir and then blur out into oblivion. Nothing much was achieved there. YouTube is looking for rich content and gives a lot of importance by suggesting them on the sidebar. Channel Authority Builder is an awesome tool that will help you with just that.



    waled badry




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    Backlink Machine

    Backlink Machine Review

    Backlink Machine Review

    Build Backlinks in 1-Click & Rank Your Site Higher


    Are you still paying SEO agencies to build your backlinks? Well, that ends today.

    Let me show you!

    We know, for sure, the importance of ranking your sites on Google. It can definitely increase your traffic and boost your sales. But, it is never been easy. The process requires time and money. That’s why most marketers are paying SEO agencies to build their backlinks in order to rank their site higher on Google.

    What if you can build your backlinks in just one click? Would it be amazing? Of course, it will be amazing.

    Introducing Backlink Machine!

    This is the perfect software that can help you build not only 100, but also 1000 backlinks on complete autopilot. Amazing, right?

    Wanna know more? Let’s go read this review!

    Backlink Machine




    Front End – FEATURES

    – WordPress Plugin that can build backlinks to all your posts with the push of a button.

    – Define any number of anchor text for your links.

    – Generate a complete backlink report in 48hrs.

    – Drip Feed backlinks intelligently over a few days.

    – Automatic indexing of all your backlinks.

    – FULLY AUTOPILOT – make a new post and get 20 or 50 backlinks built to it within the next 48hrs.

    – No manual work is required at all.

    – No more expensive outsourcing.

    – Build Backlinks for Unlimited WordPress Sites.


    OTO1 PRO Version Features

    – All the Features of the Front End Version PLUS…

    – Access our Web SaaS Platform, and build backlinks to ANY SITE from a single interface.

    – Build 5 different types of backlinks.

    – 3000 BONUS backlink credits

    – Build backlinks for youtube videos.

    – Export backlink report to PDF.

    – Keyword research tool built in to help you with keyword research for your backlink anchor texts.

    – Create DAILY automated backlink campaigns that create 20 links per day for 30 days…etc. Set & Forget.


    Download Backlink Machine now!



    How Does It Work?

    This is super easy to use. Below are the videos that can walk you through:


    Good Points

    1. No more manual work
    2. Save money from paying SEO agencies
    3. User friendly
    4. Responsive Technical Support





    Bad Points

    1. Need fast internet connection
    2. For WordPress users only
    3. Need to contact support if there is any drawback



    Are you still going to pay your SEO agencies after this? You are one click away to save your time and money.


    GET Your copy of Backlink Machine Here!


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    AdPlify Review And Bonus

    AdPlify Review And Bonus


    AdPlify Review And Bonus: How big marketers make a killing on Facebook


    Interested How to get better results from Facebook Advertising?


    Continue reading!


    If you’ve been marketing online, you’ll know that Facebook is on track to make over $60 billion in revenue this year from advertising. From acquiring new customers to building better brand awareness, Facebook ads help many small businesses grow online today!


    Below is a graph showing Facebook’s advertising revenue worldwide from 2017 to 2021. In 2021, the social network is projected to generate 94.69 billion U.S. dollars in ad revenues, up from 55.01 billion U.S. dollars in 2018.


    2021 is the age of Pandemic, Finding customers online is now more important than ever before and Facebook ads are the most powerful way to reach them. Facebook ads can get you all the sales and leads that you want. The only catch is you have to do them better than the competition.


    Do the same thing as everyone else and you will only end up spending money with no or little results to show.


    This, in fact, is the story of most Facebook advertisers right now. They are struggling with high ad costs, low click-through rates, and lower conversions. What else do you expect when you do the exact same thing as the rest of the 1 million marketers in your niche? That doesn’t work.


    It’s time to change this.


    It’s time to move to AdPlify!


    AdPlify is the ultimate Facebook ads toolset that puts the power of 7 premium Facebook ad products into one place. If you have been a serious Facebook advertiser, you may have been paying for one or more similar tools in AdPlify separately month after month.


    AdPlify brings everything together in a massive and powerful bundle.


    1. Track Competitor/Guru Ads

    Track the ads of anyone you want and be notified when they release a new ad. Always know what your competition or favorite Guru is going with his ads.

    2. Find Infinite Audiences

    Discover ads and audiences that you won’t find in the Facebook ads manager. Show your ads to audiences that yield high RoI because your competitor isn’t smothering them with ads.

    3. Build A Perfect Audience

    Laser-target your laser-targeted audience with behavioral targeting. Always show your ads to the ideal customer and get high returns.

    4. Turn Boring Ads Into Eye-catching Ads

    You’re fighting with 2,000 other advertisers to get your customer’s attention. Deal them a knock-down by creating stunning ads that steal away all your customer’s attention

    5. Auto-Build Your Retargeting

    Target your lead instantly from the moment they sign up by putting them directly into your audience. Get them to buy when the iron is still hot.

    6. Discover Perfect Page Audiences

    Pages owners build perfect audiences over years. Now use their hard work to run perfectly targeted ads.

    7. Calculate Your RoI Before Ads

    Start your advertising with your plan in place. The RoI tool tells you how much money you can expect to make from your Facebook ads.


    With these 7 tools together, you’ll be able to reduce your ad costs amazingly and at the same time increase your click-through rate, conversions, and sales, and you can do all of it from one place.


    Yes, no need to buy 7 different platforms and log into 7 different websites to do what AdPlify does. We’ve just put everything together and give you access to everything in one easy-to-use system.


    And guess what? We’ll not only give you AdPlify, but we’ll also show you how to get incredible results.


    AdPlify comes with comprehensive video training that shows you how you can get measurable results today. You’ll learn all the tricks, methods, and systems to get more conversions and sales with lower ad spend using AdPlify.


    At this very moment, your competition is paying hundreds of dollars a month to multiple platforms to do what AdPlify can do for you single-handedly. They are being billed for hidden insights, for tracking ads, finding audiences, behavioral retargeting, and they are paying happily because they know the difference this makes.


    But not you. You can get everything at a very special price if you act fast. Right now AdPlify is on sale and you can get it for a price you might never see again!


    Act fast and you will also get a commercial and agency license which authorizes you to use AdPlify for your clients. Track ads, do behavioral retargeting, find audiences, and create amazing ads for anyone you want with AdPlify’s commercial and agency licenses.


    You know how hot Facebook marketing is right now. Everyone wants a piece of it. Give it to them and charge per gig or a monthly retainer. It is totally up to you. How hot is the market? Just do a little search on Fiverr or Freelancer, and you will find tons of jobs. People are desperate to hire marketers like you for their ads.


    Don’t wait any longer. The offer does not get any better than this.

    Get your AdPlify right now.


    You’re protected with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the amazing difference that AdPlify makes to your business growth, just tell us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund all your money without any hassle.


    Don’t keep your growth waiting.


    Get Adplify Today & Also Get This Powerful Software

    That Will Get You More Traffic

    Exclusive Add-ons With Adplify

    Bonus #1


    Facebook Ads 101

    Facebook Ads can be very profitable for your business. But it’s also a way to lose a lot of money if you don’t do it right.

    In this specific video training course, you will learn what you need to do to set up your Facebook Ads properly.

    You will learn to find data about what your audience wants and what is the best way you should approach them.

    No need to do things painstakingly.

    Bonus #2

    Before And After: Lead Capture Forms For WordPress

    It allows a webmaster to require visitors to complete a goal, such as filling out a contact form, before viewing the contents of a page or downloading a file.

    The plugin automatically tracks which visitors have completed your goals, and shows the appropriate content to each visitor.

    Bonus #3

    Traffic Secrets Unleashed

    This is a short training that gets straight to the core and reveals super-effective traffic sources for getting a huge amount of traffic.

    You will learn to use the largest, most responsive, supportive, and the best traffic-generating tribe on the internet to reach your goals!

    Bonus #4

    FB Leads Discovery

    FB Leads Discovery is a PHP script that you can install on your web server and get free hot leads for absolutely any niche.

    When someone clicks on your lead ad, a form opens with the person’s contact information automatically populated, based on the information they share with Facebook, like their name and email address.

    Bonus #5

    Local Business Team Showoff

    Showoff your team on your site like the big companies

    Want more trust and engagement? Show off your team on your pages like the big companies with this powerful theme.

    Bonus #6

    WP Page Flipper

    This simple and high utility plugin are useful to generate higher visibility for your content on the website. It also makes it a more engaging experience for your audience.

    It allows you to give more value to your audience by giving them valuable information and enriching the leadership experience by automatically flipping pages regularly.

    Bonus #7

    Keywords Goldmine Jeet

    Rank with videos on Google & get more organic leads

    This powerful application tells you which keywords are open for ranking on Google so that you can grab them and build your list without paying for ads.



    Get Instant Access To AdPlify NOW

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    How To Get Free Traffic

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    And much much more… 



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    Affiliate Marketing Success

    Affiliate Marketing Success

    Affiliate Marketing Success 1

    How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

    If you’ve been selling affiliate products for a while now, then you probably think you have a fairly good handle on how the process works.

    It’s all quite simple: you get given a link, you promote a product using the said link, and you then get commission on all the sales that come from that URL.

    But do you know how this all works? Do you know how the product creators know the link came from you? And do you know how to protect your links? Let’s take a closer look at the nuts and bolts.

    Cookies and Referrers

    What’s actually happening when someone clicks on an affiliate link, is that a cookie is being left on their computer.

    This then means that when they go to buy the product, they can be identified as having been sent by you.

    This is why some affiliate schemes can still payout even if someone clicks on your link, goes away, and then comes back later to buy the product.

    Whether or not that will happen for you though will all depend on how long the cookie lasts – most have an ‘expiry date’.

    Likewise, it’s worth bearing in mind that someone could click on a second affiliate and then get a new cookie from another marketer.

    Whether or not this replaces your cookie will depend on the system being used: whether it’s ‘the first click’, ‘last click’, or ‘lifetime referrer’.

    Meanwhile, some potential buyers might try and sidestep your affiliate link altogether and go directly to the website to buy the product.

    This is called ‘link bypassing’ and it’s the reason that smart affiliates will use another strategy called ‘link cloaking’ in order to protect their earnings.

    This essentially means using a referral to disguise the link, though there are numerous ways you can achieve this. Something to think about!

    Legal Aspects

    Many people never question how things like affiliate links work, but by understanding the basics, it’s possible to make sure that you do everything right and maximize your earnings.

    Likewise, you should also think about the legal aspects of affiliate marketing.

    For example, the fact that you are using cookies means that you need to show a disclaimer in order to comply with EU laws.

    Likewise, it is law in the US that you must announce that you are earning a commission.

    You can do this easily with a plugin showing a small message at the bottom of the page, and likewise, there are plugins to help you become automatically compliant with EU GDPR laws.

    Affiliate Marketing Success 2

    Creating a Digital Product vs Affiliate Marketing

    If you want to make money as a marketer, then you really have two main options.

    One is to create a product and to sell that.

    The other is to sell an affiliate product. Neither of these is the ‘right’ option.

    The right option will instead depend on what niche you’re in, what you enjoy doing, what you’re capable of doing and more.

    So, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

    With a digital product, you of course have the advantage of keeping 100% of the profit.

    You also have the freedom and control to market your product however you like and even to edit it and alter it if you so wish.

    This also makes it easier for you to create a strong brand – if someone has enjoyed one of your products, there’s a good chance they’ll be interested in buying more from you in the future.

    But then of course that means you’ll also need to actually create that product.

    This in turn means you need to invest a lot of time and effort – or money if you plan on outsourcing – into the creation of that offering.

    And what that means is that you can potentially end up out of pocket.

    If you invest lots of time and money into a product that then ends up not selling, you’ll have lost money.

    There are ways you can ‘validate’ a product to ensure there’s an audience for it, but ultimately you will always be taking a gamble.

    On the other hand, if you choose an affiliate product that is already making lots of sales, then you’ll know for sure that it can sell.

    All that’s left is finding the right audience. In some cases, even the marketing materials will be prepared for you.

    In terms of profit, affiliate products still offer very high commission – up to 75% in some cases.

    If you pick a more expensive item then or sell multiple items, you can make just as much money as you can from having your own product.

    There’s no right answer then but remember: you don’t have to choose.

    Why not start with an affiliate product and use that to fund a digital product of your own?

    Or better yet, why not use affiliate products to learn what works and what doesn’t, and then use that to help design the perfect product of your own!

    (And of course, you should also look into PLR products!)

    Affiliate Marketing Success 3

    How Big Sites and Brands Use Affiliate Marketing

    A lot of internet marketers will make money online by selling digital products such as eBooks and courses through affiliate platforms like OR FunnelMates

    These sites let them find products with zero overheads, and no storage or delivery costs.

    They then allow them to select those products, and to sell them to buyers for a huge cut of the profits.

    In many ways, this is the perfect business model for those that want to get set up quickly, who don’t have a lot of money to invest, and who don’t want to deal with complex admin-like fulfillment.

    But if you take a look at any truly large brands – whether that’s, Mashable, The Verge, Wired – you’ll see that they don’t use this business model.

    This is not to say that they don’t make money from affiliate sales! They just go about it in a different way.

    Here’s how, why, and what you should learn from them.

    What the Big Brands Are Selling

    Big brands don’t typically sell third-party ebooks. Why?

    Firstly, ebooks have a limited appeal: they only tend to appeal to those that are tech-savvy, in a certain age bracket, and also fans of reading. Conversely, physical products appeal to everyone.

    The other reason is that – let’s face it – a lot of ebooks are bad value.

    Paying $30 for a PDF is a rather big ask when the PDF is only 10 pages long and full of typos!

    Especially when the ebook is free to make and produce.

    Potentially, this could hurt the brand of the big site and prevent them from making future sales.

    So instead, most big brands sell real products, and they sell services.

    To do this, they use sites like Amazon, Best Buys, and like EDx (a site that lists online courses – including those from top universities).

    Imagine what commission a site like The Verge might make selling an MBA! (Which typically costs thousands of dollars per year!)

    How to do It

    So how do you set yourself up with this kind of business model?

    First, you need to track down and sign up for those higher caliber affiliate accounts.

    You can sign up for Amazon easily, but to land something like EDx you will need to apply (which means having a big enough site).

    Next, use a tool like clickly or web tracker in order to manage affiliate accounts across lots of platforms and quickly generate and track those links.

    Affiliate Marketing Success 4

    How to Become a Thought Leader/Influencer to Sell More Affiliate Products

    Selling affiliate products is a business model that appeals very much to people who want to start earning money as easily and quickly as possible.

    That’s because affiliate marketing allows you to begin earning money immediately: you don’t need to build a product, or to spend a lot of money allowing someone else to build it.

    This also means that you don’t need to take any risks.

    But herein also lies the problem. Because affiliate marketing naturally appeals to those looking for quick fixes, it means that very often, they will attempt to take the fastest route to the point where they start making money.

    The problem? The fastest route is not always the best. And by taking “shortcuts,” you can actually risk missing the highest earnings.

    The Two Options

    There are two ways you can earn money from affiliate products.

    One is to rush to find a product, then quickly create a sales page (a single web page that is dedicated to selling that item), and then send people to that page through advertising.

    The other method is to spend time building up an audience first.

    To build an audience that trusts you and listens to what you have to say, which you can then market a product to.

    This way, you are flipping the formula on the head: gaining an audience then finding a product to match, rather than the other way around.

    Let me tell you this: the latter option is by far the superior strategy.

    Why? Because when you build an audience that trusts you, and that wants to hear from you, you have a direct route to an audience that is qualified and perfectly targeted.

    This can be the difference between launching to 500 orders on day one, versus working hard to gain a slow trickle.

    When someone trusts you, they will trust your recommendation. And when you already have an audience of thousands, it’s FAR easier to get the word out.

    How to Get There

    So how do you get to this point?

    It’s a challenge that many marketers struggle with, but the key is to play the long game.

    That means spending time delivering amazing value and high-quality content and using this in order to slowly build up momentum.

    You must have something new to say in your niche, and you must choose a topic that you are passionate about.

    That will resonate with your audience, and as a result, they will hang on to your every word.

    Affiliate Marketing Success 5

    How to Prevent Link Hijacking

    Affiliate marketing offers a very powerful way for anyone to make money online.

    What makes this simple business model so powerful, is the fact that the marketer doesn’t actually need to create or acquire a product or service of their own.

    All they need to do is to find one that they like the looks of and then promote that.

    Seeing as some affiliate programs offer as much as 70% or more commission, that can potentially be just as lucrative as developing something from scratch but with none of the risk, none of the overhead, and none of the barrier to entry.

    But that’s not to say that you can sleepwalk your way to success this way.

    You still need to be vigilant and many people will overlook the smaller details that are so crucial for this to work.

    For example,

    what are you doing right now to protect your affiliate links?

    What can you do to prevent people from simply using the URL to buy products without you getting the commission you deserve?

    And what about those that would use the link to create their own affiliate link and profit instead of you??

    Here are three easy things you can – and should – do right away!

    Use a Redirect

    One of the simplest and easiest ways is to use a redirect.

    This might mean setting up a web page that acts as an ‘intermediate’ page and then simply sends the visitors onward to the product or offer. That way, you can ensure that the cookies are stored on the user’s computer but they won’t be able to spy on the destination URL without clicking.

    Masked URL

    You can take redirecting one step further by making sure that the user has never even seen the address of the destination site.

    You do this by using URL masking which is also known as ‘stealth redirection’. Although the user is redirected, the URL will never change!

    Use a Clickly

    A Clickly link is a link that is shortened to be more attractive and shorter while of course also hiding the original URL.

    This works just the same as a redirect, except that you’ll be using a ready-made service like Clickly URL or Google’s link shortener.

    Either way, this is also harder to peak at and is also more accepted.

    Many people use Clickly URL even for non-affiliate links, so this is a good way to fly under the radar!

    Affiliate Marketing Success 6

    How to Sell an Affiliate Product to a Perfectly Targeted Audience

    Many people will make money from affiliate products by finding a product they want to sell (often an ebook) and then placing the affiliate link for that product on a sales page.

    This is a straightforward business model, which is a big part of the appeal for many people.

    But of course, just building the page isn’t enough though, because no one would be able to find it.

    The next question is how you are going to go about making sure people find your sales page and start to click the link and buy the products.

    This is the hardest part if you’re new to digital marketing but there are some strategies that will simplify the process considerably.

    First of all, I want you to consider your routes to market.

    This is a technique missed by most digital marketers but it is one of the most important.

    A ‘route to market’ is essentially direct access you have to your target demographic.

    So let’s say you have an ebook on martial arts you want to sell.

    In this case, your target audience is martial artists and people who want to learn self-defense.

    A ‘route to market’ is any way you have of reaching that audience.

    What I want you to do that is a little different, is to think about what routes to market that you already have.

    In fact, you should ideally do this before you choose your product as that way you can pick something that you already have options for in terms of selling.

    For example then,

    if you are an active member of a martial arts forum and you are the webmaster for your club’s highly popular martial arts website…

    then you have two routes to market already available to you that cater to martial artists.

    So, it would be a smart move to pick an affiliate product in this niche and then simply paste the link in the forum and on the site.

    Or perhaps you’re best friends with the owner of a website about gardening? Or a magazine editor?

    Don’t choose a product and then struggle with how you’re going to promote it.

    Think about the promotional opportunities already at your disposal and then choose the appropriate product.

    Ultimately, business normally comes down to solving a problem and then presenting that solution to the right audience.

    Affiliate Marketing Success 7

    More Benefits of Affiliate Products That You Might Not Have Considered

    Selling affiliate products is in many ways the perfect business model.

    This is a strategy that lets you earn money by selling something that someone else created.

    That means you don’t need to invest time, money, or energy into the act of promoting your products, but you can still enjoy a passive income and potentially scale your business indefinitely.

    What’s not to like?

    Well, all that is true.

    But there are actually even more benefits to selling affiliate products that potentially make this option even better than selling your own digital product! Here’s what you need to know.

    You Can Follow the Money

    “Follow the money” is advice given by a lot of top business owners.

    It basically means identifying what is popular and what is “hot” and then investing more time and effort into that thing. In other words, you might invest in a few items from multiple product lines to see what sells and THEN buy up hundreds of the items that everyone loves.

    This is something you can’t really do with a digital product: you need to commit to that idea as it will take days or weeks to create!

    But with an affiliate product? You can actually see how many copies it has already sold, and that way sell what is already a proven hit!

    You Can Sell As Much As You Like

    Similarly, there is nothing to stop you from adding as many additional affiliate products to your site as you like.

    This in turn means you can potentially generate even more sales, while also appealing to a broader audience.

    If you do want to make your own digital product, then this serves as perfect market research!

    No VAT!

    That’s right! While digital products require VAT in some countries (the EU counts an ebook as a digital service, meaning you need to charge VAT to buyers in those regions), affiliate products do not.

    You’re just a salesperson! Therefore, you only get taxed at the normal rate and there are far fewer forms.

    Free Materials

    Finally, many affiliate products include sales pages, emails, and all sorts of other materials to help you sell.

    This saves you time and effort and essentially means you’ve used a copy-paste business that you know has worked for other people.

    That’s because your success means the success of the product owner!

    Affiliate Marketing Success 8

    More Considerations for Choosing Affiliate Products

    Selling digital products as an affiliate is a great way to generate cash while you sleep (i.e. earn passive income) and to create a business model that is infinitely scalable.

    But your success will depend largely on your ability to select the right products.

    So how do you do that? Partly, it comes down to picking the right niche – finding something that speaks to your audience.

    But there are many other factors to think about too…

    More Factors for Choosing Ebooks

    Another thing to look out for when choosing your affiliate product is whether it comes with any extra materials to incentivize the buyer.

    If it’s an ebook for instance, then it might also offer free reports, a mind map, a cheat sheet, etc. in order to seal the deal.

    If the whole package is more tempting, then it stands to reason that you should find it easier to sell it!

    Oh, and one more thing…

    make sure that the product looks good! If the product isn’t good then you’ll struggle to sell it and even if you don’t, you may find there are returns, etc.

    Most importantly, if you believe in the product you are selling, then it will come across in your marketing and you should seem a lot more passionate and engaged during your selling.

    Finally, consider the metrics.

    How much does this product cost? How many other sellers are selling it? Is it currently successful? Consider this in light of your own audience too.

    If you have an existing website with lots of viewers and/or subscribers, then ask whether they are likely to want to spend that much.

    One of the biggest advantages of selling affiliate products OVER selling digital products that you own is that you don’t need to take a risk. You can find a product that is already selling and then simply start profiting from it as well.

    This way, you know that the item appeals to buyers and that it is easy to promote.

    This is FAR preferable to choosing a product and then hoping that you picked something that would be popular given the current zeitgeist.

    Once you have chosen your affiliate product and you have all the materials and your affiliate links,

    the next step is normally to create a ‘sales page’.

    This is a single page that is dedicated to selling the product you want to promote.

    There will be nothing else on this page (even navigation elements) save for your pitch that says just how great the product is.

    Affiliate Marketing Success 9

    The Guaranteed Method to Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing and PPC

    Affiliate marketing means selling a product that is not your own online, in order to earn a commission on sales.

    If you sell a digital product such as an ebook, this commission might even be as much as 70-90%!

    PPC is ‘Pay Per Click’.

    This is any kind of online advertising that only costs you when someone actually clicks on your advert.

    Facebook Ads work this way and so does Google AdWords.

    The two tools are a match made in heaven for marketers. And here’s why…

    The great thing about PPC is that it means you now know precisely how much you are paying for each visitor.

    If your ‘maximum bid’ for a click on your ads is 5 cents, then you know you are paying 5 cents tops for each visitor to your page.

    Why does this matter? Because it allows you to crunch the numbers and guarantee profit.

    Another figure you should be interested in is your ‘conversion rate’.

    This is the percentage of new visitors to your site who become buyers.

    Let’s say 1% for argument’s sake.

    Now you can simply calculate how much each sale is costing you on average and then measure this against the profit you make per affiliate sale.

    So, you need 100 people to visit your site to make a single sale and that is going to cost you 100 x .05 or $5.

    As long as you are making more than $5 per sale, then you know you’ll be in profit!

    Of course, this does require a very small loss leader while you get those first 99 sales under your belt.

    And of course, some niches are more expensive to advertise in, while your conversion rate might also be much lower in some cases.

    But either way, you can now mess with the numbers in order to create a perfectly automated cash generation system!

    If your conversion rate is too low, you can try to tweak the sales copy a little to make it more persuasive, or you can check that the ads are well targeted (being shown to the right people).

    If your ad clicks are costing you too much, you try a less competition niche or you just lower your maximum bid right down.

    Eventually, you’ll find that magic formula that means you’ll be making money while you sleep.

    And what’s even better is that you can then just repeat this process over and over again with hundreds of different affiliate products if you like.

    You don’t have to spend any time creating them, so you can now set up something new every 24 hours.

    If one affiliate product and landing page was making you $100 a day and you now have 30… well you do the math!


    waled badry



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    How to build a successful affiliate marketing

    How to build a successful affiliate marketing

    How to build a successful affiliate marketing

    How to build a successful affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing is an exciting way to create an income stream that is steady, reliable, and that allows you to create the lifestyle you desire, by providing a steady flow of income into the future. Affiliate marketing can be highly successful when you give it the time needed, and you do the work to build a highly successful website with a solid traffic flow. Because without traffic you simply cannot have us a cesspool affiliate marketing income stream. To sell products you must have visitors. Let’s look at what you can do as a new affiliate marketer to create a successful structure for long-term income growth.


    1# Build Your Website or Blog 

    – It all starts here. First, you need to build a website or blog that will attract visitors. You do this by creating a site that has interesting and engaging content that is valuable to your visitor. When your website is up and running, you need to begin to create a traffic stream before you even think about pitching affiliate products. How long this takes will depend on how you go about creating that traffic stream. There are many tools that you can use to help improve your traffic flow but always use legitimate methods so that you can enjoy more than just short-term benefits.


    2# Create a Site That Offers Value to the Reader 

    – We touched on this a minute ago. While this doesn’t always help to increase traffic it does help to bring readers back to your site and to build a level of trust that you are going to need in order for your visitors to feel comfortable enough to buy any products whether they are your own or those associated with affiliate marketing. 


    3# Associate Only with High-Quality Products 

    – You need to try each product that you are going to sell through your affiliate marketing because if it’s it’s junk you certainly don’t want to marketing it to your customers or your readers. Your readers are going to develop a level of trust in the products you recommend, so make sure that you are worthy of that trust or you will lose your following and that will be the end of creating your income stream.


    4# Don’t Make Your Site a Sales Page 

    – There is nothing worse than a visitor arriving at a website to discover it is nothing more than a sales page. They will hit the back button immediately, and you will lose them before you even get had an opportunity to build trust or show them what you have to offer. Instead, sprinkle your affiliate links sparsely throughout your content. Make your website a standalone site that people want to visit and then your affiliate links as secondary.


    # Breaking the Myths Around Affiliate Marketing


    Breaking the Myths Around Affiliate Marketing

    There is bad affiliate marketing, which leads to businesses passing on certain programs. Users need to understand what these myths are so that they make the right decision to grow their business and choose an affiliate marketing program that will generate income for them.

    Whether you’re running a small company or you are the brand manager for a Fortune 500 company creating a solid affiliate program can create revenue avenues that are solid and hassle-free.


    1# Affiliate Programs are Quick and Easy to Run.

    Affiliate marketing programs aren’t easy, and it involves tons of work because there’s so much competition. You are not going to make money immediately – it’s going to take time to build a successful platform. An affiliate program helps to bring traffic to your site, but it’s up to you to convert that traffic into paying customers.


    2# For Affiliate Marketing to Work You Need a Popular Niche.

    Many companies avoid affiliate marketing thinking their market is too small. Some companies will attempt to enter bigger market niches even when their company has no interest in that niche. The popular marketing niche is to excel in affiliate marketing, but you can still have success in other areas. What’s important is to focus on your companies goals and find affiliates who fit that focus, and where you are comfortable. 


    3# Affiliate Marketing Is No Longer Relevant.

    Google’s new algorithms for SEO are becoming outdated, which is leading companies to believe that now is not the time for affiliate marketing. However, there are all kinds of new ways that you can use search engine optimization to create your brand.

    You could run into a few Google problems, but usually, all of this makes sense to Google as long as you are offering relevant material to web searchers and your clients. So don’t give up on affiliate marketing just because Google’s algorithms have changed. Google algorithms will continue to change over time, but as long as you are offering content that is relevant and not breaking any of Google’s rules, your affiliate marketing will continue to enjoy success. 

    Affiliate marketing is a great way to increase traffic to your website and improve profits for your business as long as your affiliate marketing matches your brand. It allows you to create one or more secondary income streams that over time can grow and flourish when done right.


    # 6 Tips You Need to Know For Affiliate Marketing Success


    6 Tips You Need to Know For Affiliate Marketing Success

    Affiliate marketing when done right can earn you a powerful income stream. Most people don’t think about how their actions affect their success or their lack of actions. So let’s look at 6 different tips you need to know to ensure you are successful at your affiliate marketing. 


    1# Do not check your email more than twice a day

    Did you know that email is the biggest interruption most people face daily? Rather than checking your email every few minutes or every hour, why not check it once around midday and then once in the evening. Check it, then go back to concentrating on the tasks at hand. The less you check your email the more productive you’ll be and the more successful your affiliate marketing can be.


    2# Just say ‘no’

    For many of us saying no is almost impossible. However, if you want to stay on task and enjoy successful affiliate marketing you are going to have to say no. That can help to stop constant interruptions. It can also help to stop taking on too many tasks.


    3# Do the worst job first

    If you take care of the worst job first, it’s done and you can move on. It’s so easy to procrastinate when it’s something you don’t want to do and that will keep your mind distracted and you’ll also fall behind because your procrastinating. 


    4# Compile your to-do list

    Pull your to-dos that in your emails and add them to your tasks. Going back and forth from your email to check on what it is you need to do wastes time. Even if it’s only minutes it can add up throughout the day. It also increases the likelihood that you will miss something important. Instead, immediately add any tasks in your emails to your task list. 


    5# Delegate tasks

    Don’t be a task hoarder. You should delegate as many tasks as you can. Other people are capable of carrying out tasks for you so let them. For some of us letting go of the control is hard. Practice! It will save you tons of time that you can use to focus more on your affiliate marketing. 


    6# Use a calendar on your smartphone

    It’s easy to forget important appointments when you are busy. One way to reduce the likelihood of such a thing happening is to use the calendar that’s on your smartphone, which can send you reminders in advance.


    These might not be the kind of tips you think about when you are looking to increase your chance of running a successful affiliate marketing campaign, but they play such an important role we felt they needed mentioning.


    # 4 Practical Affiliate Marketing Tips


    4 Practical Tips

    Affiliate marketing is a great way to add an income stream to your bottom line. However, it takes more than just choosing an affiliate and selling. Not every person who chooses to become an affiliate program does well, so the more you learn the more likely you are to be successful. These 4 practical affiliate marketing tips are a great place to start. 


    1# Email Marketing

    You may not yet be aware of this but your key to income streaming and making good money is on your list. Then again, you may already know this. Your email marketing list should always be growing. The best way to do this is, is to have an opt-in form on your site or blog. Bait people to sign up – offer them a free e-book, a webinar, a monthly newsletter, etc. Make them want to give you their e-mail addresses. As you grow your list you will have more potential customers at your fingertips and these customers are already targeted. Don’t however make the mistake of overwhelming your subscribers with products that you are selling. You need to minimize this and build trust, occasionally throwing out there a product they can buy. 


    2# Build a Tools Page

    This is a special page that you build where you list all of the tools you use. In other words, all the products or services you sell. This makes it easy for your customers and visitors to quickly see at a glance what you have available but without it appearing to be a shopping page. You’ll list the item with a link and then a brief review of what it does. 


    3# Add a bonus

    If you really want to draw your potential customers in, offer them your affiliate item and then offer them something special from you after they complete the purchase. It might be a discount, a free ebook, money off their next purchase, etc. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Many affiliate products have a nice commission payout so that gives you plenty of wiggle room to come up with something that will please your customer and work for you.


    4# Take advantage of banners

    Make use of banners on your website or blog. Place them in the footer, above the header, in the sidebar, or in your content. Affiliate products almost always have at least a couple of banner ads you can choose from to promote the product. Banners get the highest click-through rate of all ads, so keep this in mind.


    There you have it – 4 practical affiliate marketing tips you can really benefit from.


    # Advanced Affiliate Marketing Tips That Will Get You Results


    Advanced Tips That Will Get You Results

    If you are going to be involved in affiliate marketing, it just makes sense that you want to make money – and not just a little money but as much money as possible. You want to create a residual income stream. These great tips will help you make that happen. These aren’t the basic tips you hear all the time, like make sure you research your market, choose a sound affiliate program, etc. These are advanced tips that you need to do in addition to the basics. Are you ready?


    1# You need to be patient

    The number one reason bloggers and website owners give up on affiliate marketing is that they don’t make any money in the early months. Getting the most from an affiliate program isn’t easy, but one thing you do have to have is patience because seldom do you make money in the early days. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich scheme. It takes work and patience to get established. Keep that in mind. 


    2# You need to spend money to make money

    Plain and simple – you need to spend money to make money. If you really want to generate a steady residual income flow you’ll need to spend some money. Buy the products you are planning to sell. Learn about them. Find what you like and what you don’t like. Make recommendations to your potential customers based on your experiences. If you don’t know the product(s) it’s going to be hard to make money from it. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but you do need to spend enough to know your products.


    3# Monetize your blog early

    If you are blogging and you are going to add an affiliate product you don’t have to wait a certain period of time before you monetize your blog. This is one of the most common mistakes made. You can start to sell products/services right from the beginning if you like. It’s more important that you know your product and are passionate about it than waiting a specific time to start to sell it.


    4# Know who your readers are

    You need to know who your readers are so that you can market to them. You need to know what they like, where they live, what kind of money they make, what products they tend to buy, etc. When you know your reader you choose the right product to sell and you market it to them correctly.


    5# Always be honest

    Honesty really is the best policy in everything you do. State both what you like and what you don’t like about the product. Outline the pros and cons. No product is perfect so don’t pretend it is. There is almost always something you’d like to see differently so tell your audience. 


    These five advanced marketing tips along with basic advice will help you to create an affiliate marketing program that sells.



    waled badry




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    WP Zero Bounce

    WP Zero Bounce Review

    WP Zero Bounce Review+Bonus – Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate and Increase Profits


    Are you having trouble with your site’s SEO?

    Do you know what is a bounce rate?

    I know how super hard it is to get your visitors stuck on your website. Most of the marketers lose almost 40-60% of their visitors after visiting their websites. These people are just visiting a single page of their site and then go back to where they came from by clicking the back button.

    If you are losing visitors just like this, you are definitely losing money as well. So, today what I’m about to show you will change everything.


    Introducing WP Zero Bounce 2.0!


    This is the perfect software that helps you prevent losing visitors. It will force your visitors to go to another page of your site or redirect them to anywhere you want. Awesome, right?

    Wanna know more? Let’s go check this review!


    WP Zero Bounce Review+Bonus


           1. Make More Sales with Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is easy when you let others do the selling for you. With ZERO BOUNCE you can automatically redirect people to places like using your affiliate link for easy sales!

    2. Make Money with Adsense for Search

    Adsense for Search (AFS) is a program where you put a custom search engine on your site and get paid when a person clicks on a result. Use ZERO BOUNCE to redirect “lost” traffic here and get paid every time they use the AFS search engine!

    3. Get a Major SEO Boost

    Thanks to Google’s latest updates bounce rate is now a MAJOR factor when it comes to ranking websites. By virtually eliminating your bounce rate ZERO BOUNCE gives you a HUGE boost to your ranking power so you can get more laser-targeted, buyer-ready organic traffic!

    4. Build an Ultra Profitable List

    People ignoring the opt-in form on your site? Redirect them to a squeeze page for more conversions and signups!

    5. Get Increased Sales

    Instead of allowing 50% to 70% of your hard-earned traffic leave without spending a dime, redirect them to coupons, discounts, and other offers to ensure that you’re making as many sales as possible!

    6. Get Lower CPC with Adwords

    If your landing page has a low-Quality Score (and it will if you have a high bounce rate) expect to pay an arm and a leg for clicks on your ad. With ZERO BOUNCE your virtually nonexistent bounce rate will help you get lower CPCs for your ads! Money saved is money earned!

    7. Improve Conversions with Site Networking

    Have multiple sites in the same niche? Use ZERO BOUNCE to link them all together. Or redirect “lost” traffic to a page that lists all of your sites so that visitors remain in your network. Sky-rocket your conversions with ease!

    8. Get Quality Feedback and Fully Optimize Your Site

    Getting feedback for your site can be tough. People who had issues with it are probably long gone. With ZERO BOUNCE you can redirect those who click off your site to a survey allowing you to collect relevant data so that you can improve your site for maximum conversions!

    9. Get Creative

    With ZERO BOUNCE the possibilities are endless! Get creative and redirect your “lost” traffic wherever you want.

    Download WP ZeroBounce 2.0 – Click here

    How Does It Work?

    This is super easy as ABC. Just follow the easy steps on this video:

    Good Points

    1. Save more visitors from leaving your site and monetize them

    2. Get automatic updates for free

    3. Responsive technical support

    4. Awesome bonuses are included



    Bad Points

    1. For WordPress users only

    2. Need to have a stable internet connection

    3. Need to contact support desk if you have questions


    Make More Sales with Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is easy when you let others do the selling for you. With ZERO BOUNCE you can automatically redirect people to places like using your affiliate link for easy sales!

    Make Money with Adsense for Search

    Adsense for Search (AFS) is a program where you put a custom search engine on your site and get paid when a person clicks on a result.

    Use ZERO BOUNCE to redirect “lost” traffic here and get paid every time they use the AFS search engine!

    Get a Major SEO Boost

    Thanks to Google’s latest updates bounce rate is now a MAJOR factor when it comes to ranking websites. By virtually eliminating your bounce rate ZERO BOUNCE gives you a HUGE boost to your ranking power so you can get more laser-targeted, buyer-ready organic traffic!

    Build an Ultra Profitable List

    People ignoring the opt-in form on your site? Redirect them to a squeeze page for more conversions and signups!

    Get Increased Sales

    Instead of allowing 50% to 70% of your hard-earned traffic leave without spending a dime, redirect them to coupons, discounts, and other offers to ensure that you’re making as many sales as possible!

    Get Lower CPC with Adwords

    If your landing page has a low-Quality Score (and it will if you have a high bounce rate) expect to pay an arm and a leg for clicks on your ad. With ZERO BOUNCE your virtually nonexistent bounce rate will help you get lower CPCs for your ads! Money saved is money earned!

    Improve Conversions with Site Networking

    Have multiple sites in the same niche? Use ZERO BOUNCE to link them all together. Or redirect “lost” traffic to a page that lists all of your sites so that visitors remain in your network. Sky-rocket your conversions with ease!

    Get Quality Feedback and Fully Optimize Your Site

    Getting feedback for your site can be tough. People who had issues with it are probably long gone. With ZERO BOUNCE you can redirect those who click off your site to a survey allowing you to collect relevant data so that you can improve your site for maximum conversions!

    Get Creative

    With ZERO BOUNCE the possibilities are endless! Get creative and redirect your “lost” traffic wherever you want.




    WP Tube Video Plugin  ($97 Value)

    This amazing plugin will create lifelike video frames (including iPad, iPhone, Galaxy S3, and others) for Youtube videos. Make your video pages look like the GURUs. Simply enter your Youtube video URL, customize the play options to suit your needs, and choose from 11 video frame styles.


    WP Video Affiliate Pro ($97 Value)

    Video reviews bring a lot of sales. This software allows you to provide professional reviews for any affiliate product to increase your affiliate income. A very unique way to display your affiliate reviews in a premium style.


    WP Page Takeover ($97 Value)

    This powerful plugin will allow you to promote any kind of product or even service and put it right in front of your visitors while they are reading… on any page of your WP blog. With this WP Plugin, you can create an entire Promo Page or even promo widgets to any normal WP page or post instantly.


    Worry no more about your bounce rate. You are one click away from solving it. Gain more sales as you’ve never had before.


    GET Your copy of WP Zero Bounce 2.0 now!


    waled badry




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    WP1-Click Video Site Builder

    WP1-Click Video Site Builder Review

    WP1-Click Video Site Builder Review – Create Video Sites in 60 seconds.


    It is easy as it looks, but building affiliate sites is the most troublesome work to do.

    Visitors demand captivating content on your site. Thus, posting pressing content will not draw people to visit your site. Yes! You need to create the right content be it text, images, or VIDEOS!

    People are looking for an impact. Your content has to be engaging for them to take action like high-quality videos that popular sites are posting.

    So, does it mean we need to hire professionals to create one for us? Today, what I’m about to show you will give you the answer.

    Introducing WP 1-Click Video Site Builder!

    This is the perfect software that helps you create your video affiliate site in less than 60 seconds. You don’t need to create captivating videos for yourself or hire professionals to do it for you. This software will help you post other people’s popular content on your site legally and ethically. Amazing, right?

    Wanna know more? Let’s go check this review!


    WP 1click video site builder,Create Video Sites in 60 seconds.



    1. Automatically curates the best videos content from YouTube
    2. Works with any WordPress theme you have
    3. Create Mobile Friendly Site
    4. Post unlimited videos in unlimited categories
    5. Automatically make money with affiliate offers and banners


    Download WP 1-Click Video Site Builder!



    How Does It Work?

    This is newbie-friendly. You don’t need technical skills to use this. Just follow the easy steps on this video:

    WP1-Click Video Site Builder Review


    Good Points

    1. User friendly
    2. Prevent you from doing manual work
    3. Amazing bonuses are included
    4. Responsive technical support


    Bad Points

    1. Need stable internet connection
    2. Need to contact support if you have questions


    Here’s Exactly What You Are Getting With 1-Click Video Site Builder


    The 1-Click Video Site Builder Software (VALUE: $197)


    • Creates awesome sites, filled with high-quality videos, with a few clicks.
    • The sites are search-engine optimized, so they will rank high on search engines like Google.
    • Allows you to be the proud owner of a network of sites that people genuinely want to visit, and buy from.
    • Monetizes your site with your affiliate links, banners, and offers.
    • Become a super affiliate and make job-replacing income, without tedious manual labor.




    FAST ACTION BONUS #1 – Free and Fast Traffic Formula Course (VALUE: $197)


    This bonus includes a guide, as well as 10 videos.

    You’ll discover:

    • How to get visitors to your site from YouTube
    • How to get authority backlinks to your site.
    • How to get viral traffic, without spending a penny.
      In the videos you’ll discover:
    • How to get traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, Instagram, and Pinterest.




    FAST ACTION BONUS #2 – Video Blogging Cash System (VALUE: $67)


    • Introduction to video blogging
    • Video blogging 101 action plan
    • How to create high-converting videos
    • How to optimize videos for maximum exposure
    • How to maximize profits




    FAST ACTION BONUS #3 – YouTube Traffic 101 (VALUE: $47)


    • Creating good content
    • Optimizing your videos
    • Being a good “YouTube citizen”
    • Using playlists for more traffic
    • and much more!







    There you have it! This is so much easier now with this powerful software. Create your dream affiliate sites in less than 60 seconds.


    GET Your copy of WP 1-Click Video Site Builder Here!


    waled badry




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